Weird msvcr100.dll missing but isn't
Warning, in case of Win 7, you have to to download and install service pack 1, and after installation get to restart comp, download service pack 2 and install(and restart again,  long installation(looks like blocked, but i`ts not )) and after that grab and paste that msvcr100.dll file in folder with that  game. With this procedure you will do  not have any Win 10 problems, and maybe, just maybe not Win 11 too, to start games, if you are so smart, in any other case you have to consult bill gates for periodic vaccine, right in ass.
(Dec 11, 2022, 14:41 pm)kelownababy Wrote:
(Dec 11, 2022, 11:13 am)Q91 Wrote: downloading and install the 8 Visual Studio bundles usually outweights just downloading a single DLL, as the case is usually not just a missing DLL, but a whole bunch of missing stuff.

Many thanks Q91 for your input on this problem. It is very much appreciated. Heart

Hi Q91: I may be a bit dense. Could you please guide me through what I have to do to get this msvcr100.dll work with Pirate Bay? I don't have any problems with anything else, just The Pirate Bay. Robert X asked me why I have stuck with Windows 7. Its because I had the XP format inserted into Windows 7 and it works great because the format is so much easier than Windows 10. I looked it up and I do have Visual C++ from 2014 to 2022, but I still cannot open a Pirate Bay download, Vuze downloads it perfectly, but I cannot open the file because my computer insists that the msvcr100.dll file is missing, but it is not. I have 64 bit on Windows 7. Thank you so much for all your concern. It really means a lot to me. Merry Christmas. Kelownababy.
I hear you.

I just installed Windows 11 on one of my PCs and I must say, there are still things in Windows 7 that still doesn't wash away with time.

Go for it!

EDIT: If you're still having trouble and are willing to wipe your existing Windows 7 partition, you can to, before wiping, make a new Windows 7 ISO and integrate all the newest updates (until 2023) to it:

Just to put it out there for you to consider.
(some) Suggestions (only):
1) (Always) provide a link to the torrent you downloaded when requesting help.
2) Run Dependency walker. Look for any errors. Might find the cause. Very likely some other linked DLL is missing.

you wrote>> Its because I had the XP format inserted into Windows 7 ...
I for one, didn't understand this part. Don't know if it is relevant. Rephrase if required.

Thanks. O&O.
Windows 7 doesn't have a Service Pack 2...?
No it doesn't, officially.

You can use unofficial ones, of course, but they're not recognised by Microsoft.
update your microsoft c++ runtime libraries with an AIO installer, disable your antivirus and re install it. do NOT install random DLL files from the internet and copy them in the folder, that's a sure shot way to get some free trojans

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