Viruses in Software
(Feb 26, 2022, 03:46 am)RobertX Wrote:
(Feb 25, 2022, 18:20 pm)jaffer Wrote: TeamOs is the last place to go..Make an account..Get a virus..Unless you´re ready to pay VIP membership,
3 months..Well...Entire year 175$..Or take off adblocker and watch how many viruses is blocked..
The whole page is a worm box..I´m just amazed that torrent veteran suggests page that tries at first thing hit browsers
exe file..

I've been depending on it for years and it still hasn't failed me.

If you're going to talk about places where you can get viruses, you can also say TPB has them, or, or anywhere.

Don't want viruses? Buy the software.

TeamOs is not a software..You have been depending it for years?Of course..Unlike OP..You don´t have to look how to keep ratio etc..So called beginners guides to ratio etc..Probably because you hasve been using it"for years"is the reason why you haven´t been on beginners forum whicjh is sticky..Well it´s ok to you..Have paid,No learning curve to you but the forum is the the virus based one in this case..
Send a newcomer to outer site?Tutorials here are old or somebody is planning new ones..
Where is TeamOs torrent´s?Nowhere because..I paid for it(?)..
Because of personal ID for those torrents..I can´t break it and I would be kicked out of there..
"Buy the software"..Ok..
So it does not exist anymore?
"Sharing is caring"..I think TPB started with that..
Now it´s political debates;wh can run first in theatres an have best cam,can load old games one by one(not in the pack)and voila..amount equals skull..
The TPB used to be place for those that cannot afford,now just for those who can´t wait for even a day..
So go ahead everybody and advertise paid private trackers..
I didn't say TeamOS is a software, how did you derive that?

When I said "buy the software," I didn't mean to denounce that term "sharing is caring," I meant to say that if you don't like what I'm proposing out of the fact that there are viruses, then buy the software. I never do, but that's because I know the risks involved in getting pirated software and accepted them. The whole Internet is riddled with viruses, even The Pirate Bay, not to mention the fact that if you're not using a VPN, you're in danger of getting caught.

I also never made the idea that you have to use my recommendation, so I don't know why you are attacking me. You are free to ignore my idea. And if you do, I would take my business elsewhere because I know I'm not always right. However, it is also not my purpose to deceive as TeamOS is something I've been depending on for my pirated software fix for years, so I really think that would be a good idea, not because I would get a 1-up on my rep point or something stupid like that.

With my point being made, I bid you good day.

EDIT: OK, my bad.

I realised that you would have to register to download direct links as in this context. Believe it or not, that fact was not apparent to me before I tried to download something without logging in.

I will apologise. (See? I'm not perfect)

Still, I think it's a harmless site as I countlessly depend on it.

Also, there are free torrentless downloads that I rely on, so I still stand for part of my arguments.

About the skulls question in The Pirate Bay, it's not a question of whether it's safe, it's a question of whether you have a VPN or not. I don't and have been dinged by my ISP for even downloading from those skulls which makes the denotation pointless.

With that made, I bid thee good day.
Should be tested in a virtual machine first
I´m sorry too..Nobody has to share everything..
It was the forums of that site what is now fishy and other just useless frustfration of old geezer--
Who has been awat too long..
Apologies to all of you..
Only thing I cannot apologize is virus probatibility on TemOs page..
I've been downloading from TPB for decades and I had maybe one virus out of hundreds of downloads. If your worried about it I would sandbox (virtual machine) a new download for a few days and see what happens. My other piece of advice would be to set a restore point prior to install and move the restore file to a safe location where it won't be overwritten. Finally, it was always my understanding that the uploaders with the pink-cyan skull and crossbones next to their uploads are the most trusted uploaders. Don't know if TPB still awards those but for what it's worth...
Always a “patch, keygen, crack,” everyone is looking for a cracker to activate the program, some use it to insert a trojan, it’s really nice that you discovered it, but there are many encryption methods that can not be detected and not even feel its presence “no one feels except the fan of the processor

How to deal with patch, crack, keygen, infected with a virus
SuperUser, you should put your wonderful instructions into the Tutorials section.

That way, they'll stick out more.
RobertX, Thank you for your reaction, yes this is a good suggestion
Almost all hacked programs perform the necessary replacements to bypass the activation servers and many antiviruses mark this as a threat.

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