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Uploading my own podcast?

I am the host of a podcast which has been deplatformed by many of the big tech companies such as GoDaddy, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes to name just a few. This is due to the fact that my content is unapologetically racist. Please let's not make this a political discussion. I have an unrelated inquiry, and I only inform the reader of this fact so as not to conceal it. 

I had always hesitated to upload torrents of the show anywhere, because I like being able to delete things. However, with the efforts to silence me being as they are, perhaps decentralizing recordings could improve the overall longevity of my words. It also crossed my mind that putting my show on The Pirate Bay might attract listeners I might not otherwise reach. 

Were it only for the concern of keeping the material online, I would have simply uploaded it instead of troubling your forum with the controversy that tends to follow me. I know TPB is no stranger to controversial material, as it is for this reason I love your site, even more for your revolutionary efforts, than for the money I save on music. I am asking for managerial guidance because I came to question myself as to how much of this was motivated by promotional interests, and it occurred to me that such self promotion might be received as spam. 

I appreciate the service that TPB provides, and I wouldn't want to pay you any such disrespect. So I thought it worth asking here before taking any action.

If you find it relevant in your evaluation, it wouldn't be the first torrent I uploaded. Years ago, under an account I believe is associated with an email address I no longer have access to, I uploaded several e-book torrents which I regret I no longer possess to seed. 

In closing I would reiterate my request not to make this political. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would enthusiastically express the opinion that I should not be heard. I feel like defending my views here would be an abuse of this platform, and I won't do that, so if you attack me, you're attacking an unarmed man. 

I am interested only in finding out if TPB would consider it an abuse of their service for me to upload this content, appropriately labeled. 

Whether I can or cannot use your service, I'll take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in defending free speech and the ability to communicate it. Before anyone tried to silence me, I have followed the trials and tribulations of TPB. For years I have considered my ability to reach and make use of your site, something of a freedom thermometer. I always got chills when I couldn't reach it. When they came to silence me, you might imagine it led my mind to dark places. Your resilience has at times been the glimmer of hope, which prevented me from concluding that the time for talk is over.
TPB does not censor opinion. As long as the content is appropriately described and categorized, and not fake, malware or child porn, you are welcome to upload it.

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