Ukraine comedy.
(May 08, 2019, 01:01 am)Executive Wrote:
(May 07, 2019, 19:22 pm)waregim Wrote: Mueller is scum and certainly no better than the chump and his band of homicidal imbeciles.

Russiagate was simply a diversion away from the clinton crime family. Nothing less. Willy boy is the one who started (or rather shifted gears on) the neoliberal chaos and destruction (Third Way).

You need to stop drinking the Koolaid, . . . .

He's not drinking the Koolaid.  He's dispensing it.

[Image: ztjym.jpg]
Donald Trump, Jr. is now resisting the subpeona issued by REPUBLICAN Senate committee leader Richard Burr.

This country has never seen so much corruption in our lifetimes, and certainly not to this extent over the past 2 centuries+.

The U.S. House needs to hold more hearings over the summer months, and start impeachment proceedings ASAP.
chump or Pence.

Which is worse.

A chabad lackey or a dispensationalist.
Ukraine aint a comedy, it's a tragedy. Amped up solely by Biden hate. There was no war with Trump and would not have been one. And that would have been the best result. But we got what we got and the world is now worse off for it.

"Donald Trump, Jr. is now resisting the subpeona issued by REPUBLICAN Senate committee leader Richard Burr."

OMG, Burr was a never Trumper. He hated Trump and kicked him in the balls at every turn. He was co chair of the intelligence committee with lyin ass Schiff. The only smart thing Burr did was let Schiff do all the bad mouth talking. Now Schiff was thrown out of the committee for lying about Trumps Russia Russia Russia. They both knew Trump was being framed and did all they could to help it along. Burr voted to convict Trumps impeachment despite knowing that Trump was being framed. His state censured Burr for betraying the wishes of his voters, and his political career is over. Of course we all know this now 5 years later, but nothing in all these Trump allegations was adding up 5 years ago.
When this thread started, before pandemic and the Russian invasion, things were different.
What was apparently a(nother) politics show of little consequence now has a trail of destruction and who knows how many more years of suffering for the Ukrainians.
Still to see what will be. In the mean time, Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers are holding the awaited Russia expansion. Everybody put Putin in embargo, time frozen, and Ukrainians jut lie (and die) there.
It's an example of the absurdity: We can't play a game because the scenario is in Russia. But the war is real down Ukraine.

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