Trump Incriminates Trump
(Sep 20, 2018, 16:08 pm)dueda Wrote:
(Sep 20, 2018, 14:37 pm)CaptButler Wrote: Trump neither knows nor really cares whether or not he committed any actual crimes.  Constitutions and laws are for the little people.

Sounds like the world is divided into castes, so countries and cultures are just shadows on the wall of a cave.

Kinda, In the USA, they are referred to as classes, not castes. It's like a grouping of people into categories.

Classes are determined by the accumulation of wealth (or things), and I believe a caste can be more who you are (like a royal family or something). Something you may be born into...If I'm not mistaken.

Kinda weird, but I think racist people put themselves in an invisible type of caste, but that means nothing as far as a class is concerned... White, black, green, you gotz the loot, you are upper class. people can change class but I think caste can be lifelong (don't quote me on that). Maybe you can marry into a different caste. but that's as far as my limited knowledge on it goes without looking up shit. Don't need Google to tell me i'm a punk ass white boy from the mean streets of Connecticut.
You're right, but usually being well born means privileges for life, and being low born means lacking for life; hard to move between classes. The social rotation putting individuals up and down is a long debated idea, and imo one of many oligarchy's fairytales. It looks more like dividing society in timezones (, one can't go much far in any way; blocks individual initiatives and isolates the extremes, yet keeps the flow.
Trump incriminates Trump...Well if that were the case, then why has he never admitted to loosing the election and then been charged? Crooks that ramble aimlessly usually hang themselves. Like Hunter did when he had no defense in his gun trial. With Trump, the only way he has no defense is when they skip the trial altogether or clear the jury and threaten Trumps defense witnesses. Yup, Trump do ramble way more than he should. But nothing he rambles about has been convictable or would hold up to appeals. That says alot about how diabolical Trump aint.

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