Trackers update ? How
Can anyone add trackers to your own torrent ?

After creating all my torrents without trackers, since these days trackers are pretty much dead as we use DHT instead (at least the piratebay does),I assume trackers are around only for legacy reasons only and will go in time.

In any case after i downloaded all of my torrent files from web site, i open then in Trasmission, and find they all have trackers added.. How this this be done if the owner never added then to their own torrents?

I know anyone can add trackers but that's *AFTER* you have download the torrent files, not while on the site..

What happened?
Well, it appears to be the following: after you upload torrent to TPB, the site edits the file and adds some trackers (as it happened to my torrents as well). You probably might already know that it is fairly easy to add trackers or some other information to torrents.
As to the reason why. The obvious answer would be to help dissemination, but this question must be answered by somebody else, I am not knowledgeable about trackers, their history and current state.

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