Torrents with exe files only
Apologies first as I am new here, old (76) and can't find what I am looking for.

I have been using Piratebay for years but recently notice that torrents I would like to look at only tend to have a smallish exe file whereas the software should be quite large.  An example would be Autocad LT for which I would expect files around 1GB in total but in most cases there only seems to be an exe file of 20 to 30MB.

How do I deal with this situation?  What do I do with the exe file?  How do I get all the software?
We would be grateful if you could report these uploads on the Report Torrent section.
If you can't post a link to a uploader's page (because the uploader is anonymous or whatnot), you can at least post the link to the bad torrent there.
should try click on the username and list there torrents. if all the files listed under there name are same size I would say its a dodgy user posting bad files
its good idea to post the url of the username in
then the username maybe looked at by staff and removed if the staff think its bad enough

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