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I have been using on a subscription basis for 2 years and NOT one single problem. All of a sudden the darn site is falling apart! Contacting support hasn't helped and if they can't fix it soon I will looking for another free or subscription client. I really would appreciate anyone that has a recommendation of a site that doesn't require a lot of tweaking and is encrypted uploading and downloading. Thank you!
Hey, it's crucial to think about the safety and reliability of your personal files. Instead of depending on someone else's computer to handle your stuff, I suggest investing in a 1TB+ Solid State Drive (SSD). This way, you can keep your files secure and have full control over them. Trusting someone else's computer can be risky, so it's better to take charge of your own data and protect it from any potential problems.

When it comes to Torrenting, you might consider using qBittorrent and a lightweight Linux Mint installation. This way, you won't have to rely on Microsoft to handle your data. qBittorrent is a reliable Torrent client, and Linux Mint is a Linux distributions that can provide a secure and efficient environment for Torrenting. By taking control of your Torrenting process, you can have a better and more independent experience.

If you're still inclined to trust someone else's computer, you can check out these alternative options:
Okay, thanks for the reply and recommendations! Have a happy holiday!

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