These breakthroughs will make 2021 better than 2020

COVID, climate, and the year ahead

Last spring, when the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming clear, I wrote that “this is like a world war, except in this case, we’re all on the same side.”

I am glad to report that the optimistic view that the world would come together to fight COVID-19 has largely turned out to be right (with some notable exceptions). There’s no way we would be as far along as we are if governments, companies, and scientists around the world weren’t, more often than not, working closely together.

This global cooperation is one reason why I see promise in the year ahead—and not only the promise of getting the pandemic under control. I believe the world also has a chance to take concrete steps on one of the other great challenges of our time: climate change.

Next year, leaders from around the globe will meet in Glasgow, Scotland, for the first major United Nations summit on climate change since the Paris meetings in 2015. The U.S. is poised to resume a leading role developing and deploying the clean-energy innovations needed to eliminate greenhouse gases.

I hope to spend much of my time in 2021 talking with leaders around the world about both climate change and COVID-19. In Melinda’s and my Annual Letter next month, I’ll write about what the world’s experience with COVID-19 means for preparing for the next pandemic. And in February I’ll release my new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, in which I share what I’ve learned from 15 years of studying the problem and investing in solutions for it. I hope the book will help drive the conversation in a productive direction.

A year from now, I do think we’ll be able to look back and say that 2021 was an improvement on 2020. The improvement may not be enormous, but it will be a noticeable, measurable step forward for people around the world.

I hope you have a safe and healthy 2021.
Billy G forgot the '/S' at the end.

The truth is the opposite of everything he has stated.

The WuFlu has polarized the world to it greatest point in 82 years (and we know what that led to).

Lets see:
Partial economic collapse of the REAL economies (not the artifical Central Bank sustained FIRE sector, which has flourished and created record levels of upward - and polarizing - wealth transfer.

Frankfurt School sociology and its destructive 'identarian' nihilism is pushing the country to seriously consider Civil War. Urban vs Rural ethos weaponized.

Gates only cares about his Vaccine industry, especially when it contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HcG) as an adjuvant. And its capacity for population reduction, as per his fathers Eugenics policies. A proper focus would be on prophylactic measures, such as agents for immune system optimization (such as metalloprotein cofactors).
There is an enormous polarization over the new untested vaccines, of a type that have been historically problematic over long term with documented issues. This has nothing to do with standard anti-vaxx gibberish (largely suspect scientifically).

5Eyes blaming China to hysterical degree for the plague, despite that the lab it came from in Wuhan was built by the French, and staffed by American corporations linked to Fauci and Billy himself. Gain-of-function research was banned in the US until Trump re-legalized it, and the wuflu was effectively patented in 2015, when foreign labs were used to engineer bioweapons.
Nothing unifying here.

Climate change is a straw man issue for deindustrializing the West, and bringing about the 'Reset' heralded by elites such as the World Economic Forum (Davos crew).
Its actually a moot point, since the elephant in the room is Peak Oil which is already in effect. Peak oil does not refer to actual shortages of fossil carbon, but the rapidly increasing costs of extraction from lower quality reserves. Fracking provides millions of barrels, but the industry is nearly bankrupt, as an example. Saudi Light requires thousands of barrels of sea water for every barrel of oil. The days of gushers are long gone.

Increasing vulcanism from an apparent extended Solar Minimum threaten to make C02 mitigation pointless. Plus the proper way to deal with CO2 issues is reforestation, soil health, and ensuring phytoplankton viability. Carbon credits are a bankers scam. Trashing Kyoto was a plus for the chump, but Joe-Ho are likely to reimpose it.

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