The search function is flawed
No offence, I'm not a native english speaker.

I tried searching for torrents I uploaded myself, typed in the actress' name only and then searched, the search results was sorted in descending chronological order, and I couldn't find it at all in the search results.

But by typing in the name of the video manufacturer's name + the name of the actress, I was able to find it. 

Then I tried another torrent I uploaded, typed  the video manufacturer's name + the name of the actress, the problem appeared again.

after add keywords: the video manufacturer's name + the name of the actress + the name of another actress in the video; it appeared in the search results.

In summary, there is a problem with the ability of fuzzy search.

I uploaded a VR yesterday, now search with the keyword 'VR', sort the search results by time, The latest uploaded time of VR torrent is 03 Aug
Search function is a bit of a puzzle. You can find threads here where glitches have been reported.

Default search results order is perhaps a (weighted) function of few variables. (Seed+peer stats, skull status, category, etc.,).
So, searching for a recent TV show, you will notice August 2023 results precede September 2023 results.

Search only outputs 100 results and sorting on Uploaded field only sorts those 100.

Searching within a category or including specific keywords in the search string should narrow the search and display your torrent. You can report if this is not the case.

Do give specific examples, so mods can replicate it. You can post in your A.I. thread too, if required.

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