The original site is difficult to enter through Tor
I am somewhat baffled by TPB. The forum works wonderfully well but the original site is difficult to enter through Tor. Trying to upload/index something was a nightmare (with code errors in droves and nasty popups). I failed utterly probably because Tor using various shadowy servers, some are rejected as unsecure by TPB. And TPB being banned in my country adds to the mess. I refuse to pay for a VPN (on principle). I will try a non-torrent solution, unfortunately for this community I appreciate. Undecided

Did you try changing DNS addresses? Most of times changing isp's DNS addresses to open DNS or Google DNS work!

Or if your ISP has blocked the TPB at DNS level than you can use public VPN to connect to the server. If your purpose is only to upload .torrent file to TPB servers then you can try zenmate. Its free so it can only help you to circumvent Censorship. It won't hide you from being visible in swarm while downloading. Zenmate gives 7 days premium but after every 8th day you uninstall zenmate from your browser (restart it) and again install zenmate and sign-up with disposable email and you'll again get premium features and after 7 days again repeat the whole procedure.

Premium features at zero cost. And you can upload .torrent file on TPB servers. Try that.
You could also force TOR to use endpoints in certain countries that are not suspect, or just more stable. Not sure if you can force the whole chain that way, but I do notice a difference from one connection to the next. Use the "New Tor circuit for this site" if one seems uncooperative.
Thank You Horisarte and ThunderHerd for your suggestions. I remember trying to change DNS addresses to no avail. The new Tor circuit may be a solution to check. I will also have a look at zenmate but most software of this kind are of doubious origin (I remember one coming directly from the Mossad hijacking your bandwidth...). Thanks again.

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