The new Quantum Leap let me down
I hung in for 4 episodes and I just couldn't handle the storylines. 

Yea, I know they're just trying to give the public what it wants.  But it seems like instead of creating a good story and then select the best actors for the parts.  They go out of their way to select actors who represent certain groups then write a story to suit those groups.

The result is a bad story and you feel like you're being preached to all the time.
Sounds like another reboot gone wrong.  But then, I thought the original Quantum Leap sucked.
I on the other hand happened to enjoy the original series, I thought that watching it whenever it was on like on a Saturday was of good memories from almost it seems a lifetime ago nearly.  Instead of saying something very negative about it like a lot of people do I happened to think the original cast were good and although I didn't watch them all I did see many different bits to it and I thought the stories were well written.

Usually trying to bring something back from the dead is not always a good idea but I guess they are hungry to make more money, which is fair enough, maybe it might appeal to more a younger audience and maybe not the ones, like myself, who watched it back in the day...

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