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Hello, everyone,

I do not know whether this is the correct category or not where to post this question.
I have been searching for a long time this film but cannot find it at all. If I recall correctly the director or one of the actors (or even both) is Spike Lee. It is a film about drugs focused on black people (Afro-Americans).
I remember the main character that is a cop or something along those lines who tries to make his brother snap out of his drugs addiction.
What I remember for sure is the last scene. I am 100% sure of it. The main character is walking on the streets and comes across a girl that asks him for money given that she wants to buy some drugs and he reacts by holding her tightly and shouts ...that's how the film ends.

I tried to search for this film on Spike Lee's filmography but could not find anything along those lines.
I DO remember it is a film about Afro-Americans focused on crack and heroin and I am 100% sure of the final scene of the film.

Anyone remembers it?!
Thank you so much, in advance.
I've never seen it, I'm not sure. But, using the parameters, The only Spike Lee film that I can find closest to your description of Cops, and african american drug dealers, , is the 1995 Movie Clockers...

Is this it? You tube doesn't have the last scene do verify your description...

Anything else you can remember?
Hi, on videotape are part of the movie, can't remember the name. Please help.
Couldnt post more than 13 seconds?
This has been bugging me for quite a while now, but can anyone ID this wuxia comedy film? It was previously aired on GMA News TV in 2015 for those in the Philippines, and was riddled with modern day anachronisms for comedic effect, like a Titanic reference (e.g. Rose chopping Jack's handcuffs with an axe) and the use of a camcorder in one scene.
Perchance another Jacky Chan flick?

Not sure I can help much more than this, since I am unfamiliar with it.

However, there were some 2015 results I found and I'm hoping the names can jog your memory? Not many of the links are descriptive, though... Maybe you can YouTube some of the titles and hopefully get lucky?
I believe came out mid 2000's it was a low budget British sci fi movie about  young adults on probation? in space forced to repair a space station? But the stations AI kills them one by one?

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the LATE reply. I found out what the film is called.
It is actually Jungle Fever.

You can close the thread, since it is solved.

Thank you,

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