The Offline Bay - a decentralized torrent website
(Sep 15, 2021, 15:12 pm)marathone Wrote: Thanks - What's the URL for your search engine?

Sorry but I dropped support for live search a few weeks ago.  I've decided to focus on decentralized and offline search.
Cool project! thank you very much for developing and supporting it!
Thanks 40-02! Here's an update on the project.

I've set up a webseed which makes the database more accessible and the website also works in Tor.
The database and website have been redesigned and are much faster. A typical search is only a few hundred KB.
Our seed counts are very conservative. Most torrents will have many more seeds than displayed. This is due to the way we calculate seed counts from many trackers to prevent fake torrents showing first. Typically an index will display the largest seed count, which causes fake torrents to appear first.
I've made the database only contain basic data (title, size, age, seeds, leeches) to reduce its size. I plan on making a second database that contains full data (TPB descriptions, files, seed/leech count history) and can sort by any field. This will be big and therefore slow and will be intended for special search cases only.
Our server tracks over 100 million infohashes through more than 20 trackers. 54 million have searchable titles. Any searchable torrent that has at least 1 seeder from any tracker is included in our database (currently 3 million).
Where do you get the TPB dumps?
Awesome project! The only problem I see is that it actually seems to be dependent on a centralized database, which is a potential attack vector (unless I've missed something), but maybe that can be improved. A truly decentralized file / torrent sharing software would be fantastic to have.
All good and well but you stole the name of an already existing, much popular project. Confused
Oh my God!

In the pirating world, plagiarism has no place!
This seems like a really cool project! Unfortunately the above URL doesn't seem to work any more, is there a new one?

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