Sweet Supreme Court Revenge
Let me begin by saying something that should be clear to everyone:

What Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did earlier this week — coming forward as a survivor of sexual assault and sharing her story with the entire nation, knowing full well her character would be under attack and her family’s safety threatened — demonstrated a kind of courage and patriotism that is quite rare.

And then to agree to re-live that trauma once again by participating in an FBI investigation and the continued national spotlight that will come with it is nothing short of heroic.

Let me be clear: Brett Kavanaugh would push this Supreme Court even further to an extreme right wing that desperately wants to gut a woman’s right to choose, further erode voting rights, and make it easier and easier for Wall Street and the billionaire class to buy our elections. Kavanaugh has been dangerous from the beginning, and I have opposed him right from the start.

Dr. Blasey Ford’s experience cannot and must not be ignored, and she deserves a full, serious FBI investigation. It should not be limited to one week. The FBI should have a reasonable time to do its job well.

And America deserves the same.

We are talking about a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. There is no reason to rush this investigation. None. And let me say something else that I believe many of my colleagues in the Senate agree with, but few would say aloud:

It is very likely that Brett Kavanaugh lied to the Senate repeatedly and under oath during these confirmation hearings and in previous ones as well.

He likely lied about whether or not he used stolen materials while working in the White House to help advance nominees made by President George W. Bush. And anyone watching this last week can tell he was likely lying, repeatedly, about his time in high school and college.

The FBI should have the time to investigate that, as well. The American people deserve no less.

So that is my call today, and I hope you will join me in making your voice heard.

Now I know a few of my friends on both sides of the aisle may say that they are torn or conflicted about this nomination. Maybe they are a bit worried about what will happen in an election or among their party’s base if they vote no or call for a longer investigation.

But I know their fear must be nothing compared to the fear Dr. Ford felt as she raised her right hand and stared at a panel of some of the most powerful men in the nation who worked overtime in the days before to cast doubt on her story.

And what I would ask of them is to summon just a fraction of the courage Dr. Ford showed this week.

They should do what’s right for the nation and push for a full examination of Brett Kavanaugh’s repeated lies to the Senate.

Sign my petition: Tell Congress you believe the FBI should have the time it needs to conduct a full and thorough investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s repeated lies before the United States Senate.

Thank you for making your voice heard.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders
Although Senator Sanders isn't on the Judiciary Committee, he got his wish!  Thanks to pressure put on Republican Senators Jeff Flake ( primarily ), Lisa Merkoswi, and Susan Collins, it appears that Donald Trump authorized the FBI to open a one-week investigation.  What will that entail we're not entirely sure of yet, but it SHOULD involve other witnesses talking to the FBI on not just what happened 36 years ago with additional former Yale witnesses, but also the obvious perjury committed by Judge Kavanaugh under oath : including the Democratic E-mails stolen by someone during the Bush, Jr. years when Brett worked in the White House and his big gambling debts.  Even if you discount all of those things and his drunkenness, Kavanaugh's blatant partisanship towards Democrats and the Clintons ( !! ) plus his angry demeanor in his last hearing on September 27 is proof that he's most unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Here's something I noticed of interest : Anita Hill's accusations against her boss Clarence Thomas occurred in 1982. 

Dr. Ford's accusation against Brett Kavanaugh : also 1982. Coincidence ? You be the judge! ( Pun intended. )   Smile
(Sep 17, 2018, 04:37 am)politux Wrote: If Flake actually stops Kavanaugh, it will be the ultimate tribute to McCain and a great fuck you to Trump.


Quote:Jeff Flake once said Donald Trump didn’t deserve to win the presidency. He later wrote the book, literally, on why Trump is destroying the GOP.

Now Flake holds the keys to a Supreme Court confirmation Trump prizes dearly — and could soon yank them away.

Flake flashed a yellow light Sunday night on Brett Kavanaugh’s high court bid, telling POLITICO that he won't support advancing the nomination this week if fellow senators don’t do more to hear out a woman accusing the nominee of sexual assault more than three decades ago. Opposition from the Arizona Republican wouldn’t doom Kavanaugh outright, but it already has ratcheted up political pressure on a GOP struggling to keep Trump’s Supreme Court nominee from a full implosion.

Flake is a charter member of the GOP’s anti-Trump caucus, one of only a few senators in the president’s party who freely tee off on the president’s handling of issues from trade to Russia, though they rarely actively undercut his agenda. Another member of that caucus, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), also called on Sunday night for a delay in the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Amazing what that 6 year crystal ball shows. Kavanaugh here, Flake gone, Bump stocks back, Roe out, and a possible vindication of all things Trump against 900 years of prezel novel charges. I got my fingers crossed for the sake of America as it has always been.

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