Steam to stop working on Win 7 and 8, preparation help?
(May 12, 2023, 11:48 am)e48wh8 Wrote:
(May 07, 2023, 00:32 am)dueda Wrote: That makes me think... Why would I use Steam to begin with? It's just an overhead. Adds nothing to my gaming. Achievements? Oh, please!

because its convenient, its like a supermarket for games. everything is there, and it makes updating games easy
unfortunately i didnt really understand drm when i bought all my games on there

Well, well... I give you that, it really is convenient, like Amazon. 

But like Amazon, it's convergence is kinda monopolistic, like exclusive titles for certain consoles.
For example, Terraria is a game that gets an afterlife (i.e. replay value) with mods, and many great mods can only be used with tModLoader, which in turn is available only on Steam. Previous versions may (big maybe) still work, but whoever made tModLoader wanted money and signed an exclusive with Steam, instantly hurting the entire mod community. Like NexusMods' world map for Euro Truck Simulator, someday Steam based mods and games will have options set on the site, tailoring and/or requiring additional downloads, etc. We are becoming too shackled by that convenience.

I'm against DRM because it makes backups and long life use very difficult if not impossible, its an expiration date gun in the hands of the sales suits.
e48wh8 is the OP and the customer, and the customer is always right! Big Grin

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