Sorting columns opens new tabs with scams
If I disable my adblocker, then clicking the column headers to sort them will actually open new tabs with dodgy looking sites. please fix this issue.
Keep your adblocker ON. Allow the following two sites in your adblocker.

NoScript / uBlock Origin are good choices.

I'm implying that the site should be fixed, so we don't need an adblocker to prevent new tabs opening.
(Aug 17, 2023, 12:23 pm)nuttapillar Wrote: I'm implying that the site should be fixed, so we don't need an adblocker to prevent new tabs opening.

Are you sure you're using the real site and not a proxy?

You should be using

Everybody needs an AdBlocker these days, doesn't matter who you are, you need one running in your browser to try and stop as much of the menacing popup army that resides on just about nearly every sites visited..
Ads have been a source of revenue for the site. So, unlikely it will be 'fixed'.

Also, it appears the pop-up happens only once. The code is written that way.
So, after about 2 clicks you should stop seeing pop-ups. Let know if this isn't so.

Also, if you see a "harmful popup", then it can be reported.

Hope this helps.
(Checked using .org site.)
I can understand them having some adverts to generate revenue. But pop ups, new tabs etc, especially 2 in a row is just plain obnoxious and overboard. I use adblockers, so they get no revenue from me. If they weren't so obnoxious, I mightnt block any ads, and then they can get some revenue from me.
I faced those questions in the past - Why those nagging advertising techniques, why those shady porn / gambling sites, etc.
Then I realized the kinds of entrepreneurs paying to show ads on a pirate site aren't exactly sanctimonious, but are better than the malware infected torrent uploaders.
It's a gambit, a two sided coin or blade... Gotta live with it, I guess. Try to cover your base and enjoy the goodies?

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