Size Matters...
How big is your runtime? My is below and is my main folder that includes Poser runtime and Daz Studio folder structure...

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Not much on my 250GB ssd. Will buy a 1tb later.

[Image: o9saK4e.jpg]

Another 1.26GB in the list to be installed and tried on.

About 280GB on my external where I store files.
One of my dreams is to have enough money to put my runtme onto an SSD, just to help things run faster...
Well I have 1.01 TB in Poser | DS broken up into 130 Runtime libraries (depending on the actual content) on it's own 4 TB HDD and another 551 GB on a NAS waiting to install, I've been around since Poser 3 so I really should not be surprised at the size of my content, and just a note that I don't really see any lag running Poser on the 4TB - I keep my SSD for Windows only, the only delay I see is loading the Genesis | Genesis 2 stuff because the DSON importer has to build the file dynamically each time it's loaded.

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The bottleneck is the program itself, at least as far as Daz Studio is concerned. I have my "Content" folder with a custom user variation for saves and work in progress on a 1 TB SSD because it does speed up saving slightly, and I had a spare 1TB SSD. I moved and junctioned the "runtime" folder out to an SSHD when the total size exceeded 1 TB, and there is no difference in load times between the two locations whatsoever. Having Daz Studio itself on an SSD sped up its own initial load time, and allows most in program stuff to execute a bit faster, but the difference in most use cases is probably negligible aside from that first load and some simple scripts.

I would equate the usefulness as similar to when one swapped out the hard drive in a PS3. Swapping out the dreadfully slow 5400 RPM disk drive to an SSHD provided a pleasant and noticeable speed up. Upgrading to an SSD yielded performance pretty much impossible to differentiate from an SSHD, thus the most cost efficient is to go with an SSHD, unless you have a spare SSD lying around in the first place. Having used this library across all three drive types, I will say that the only real test of the speed difference is if you use the search function in Content Library, and the difference between HDD and SSHD is pretty significant. The difference between SSHD sand SSD is virtually zero. Save your money and get an SSHD if you want a speed up, you will get negligible returns past that in almost any scenario. Put that extra money towards a bigger SSHD, or upgrade something else in your system. RAM is an excellent starting point, if your video card is already sufficient. Or, just get more cool stuff from a vendor somewhere to play with and/or share Wink

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LOL! Who has a spare 1TB SSD laying around.
Not us poor folk.
I did try a Hybrid SSHD once, but it went corrupt, and I lost everything, so not my favourite choice at the moment.
Damn, and I thought my ~500GB library is big... I feel like the first time I watched a porn movie Wink
I have no idea...all I know is that the other day I found a binder full of cd´s with a bunch of generation3 stuff on them...yes generation 3 not genesis 3 Exclamation

And not too long ago I deleted all my v4 up to genesis content because that shit was getting out of hand, this surely is a sickness Angel
I have no idea...all I know is that the other day I found a binder full of cd´s with a bunch of generation3 stuff on them...yes generation 3 not genesis 3 Exclamation

And not too long ago I deleted many GB of all my v4 up to genesis content.
This collecting surely qualiifies as a sickness?!

WTF? N-e-v-e-r. Seriously, the only stuff I delete is duplicates, lol.

Want to say my content was up to 1.3 tb, last time I checked? But that was my old runtimes included, which I'm slowly migrating into my single DS runtime. I think the latter is about 900gb by itself, though that includes stuff like the data folder. Thing is, I have a ton of stuff I've never installed, that I slowly install here and there, plus I'm always on the hunt for new Genesis (1,2,3) stuff to install (nothing slow about how I install G1/2/3 content, lol). So, size of my installed content structure is always growing.

Trety, I doubt putting your runtime on an SSD would really save you much time. Unless you really find yourself waiting much for stuff to load, which I don't, on my consumer-grade IDEs. Big graphics card would probably be your best bang-for-the-buck hardware investment, assuming your hardware's fairly recent (e.g., my rig (i5, 24gb RAM, GTX 760) was mid-grade (well, except maybe that RAM total) about 2 or 3 years ago when I upgraded, and it handles DS pretty well).

Just MO.

Edit: and YES, it's a disease. I call it digital hoarding. DS/Poser content is only the tip of the iceberg. There's only so much of it to get, after all. But total digital content? I have 23+ tb of hard drive space (current and active; don't ask me about how many dead drives I have laying around, lol). Maybe 60% or so full, at least. All digital hoarding. Movies, TV, Comics, DS/Poser, Music, Porn, Books, RPGs.

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