Sharing files using Zippyshare, Mediafire and Mega?
Is there any particular reason no one shares DAZ3d content using Zippyshare or Mediafire or Mega? The non annoying filelockers provided you have adblockers.

I agree that a fully functioning torrent community is the ultimate solution, and way better then these pseudo pay to play sketchy websites. Why aren't we all just sharing some zippy links here?

In my eyes, seeding a torrent is not something you should just dive in to unless you know what you are doing. However, in the wake of KAT closing, I still want to share files, but I don't want to be the one actually seeding the original torrent.

Just putting out some feelers, in case I missed the memo or something. Is there a reason we do not share with these file lockers here? They seem to be the easiest method for raw sharing while we scramble to rebuild what he had with KAT.


They get to earn money for files downloaded through the lockers.

I dont usually mind them such as Gboxes or Oload, which have decent speeds and no "time limits". Also there is hope that the money earned will be used to buy more newer products to be released into the wild?

But yea, mega/mediafire/zippy seem to be the best out there.
Well I am a filesharing purist at heart. I just want to share the content without trying to skim some money off it. Though, if it goes go toward more products, perhaps there is an argument... But I still don't like having to use really janky bloated filelockers.

Is there any reason why files are not shared here, on this forum, using non obtrusive filelockers?
I use mega because my isp will cut my internet if they catch anymore torrents coming down and yes i was using a vpn.
I download from all those file sharing sites with no problems and good speed.

All these file sites are free too.

zippy is good but no downloads for 30 days they delete the file no waiting time and as many downloads as you want at the same time.

mediafire keeps files forever it seems I have downloaded files that were uploaded 5 years ago no waiting and no captures.

mega gives you 50 gig of storage free and then if you want more then you can join and pay for more storage
its a fast download no popups and no captures.

it just seems that most want to use torrents which is fine because its free that's why I used them.
I got like 20 mega accounts lol. So far out of all the hosts, mega uses the most of my available upload speed, not all of it though Sad
Only torrents take advantage of my full upload/download speed. Mega download is also fast on download compared to other file store/share sites. I fought those people that use shitty hosts to try and make money off of sharing others work for years, offering better mirrors etc. Sharing may be wrong, but trying to make money off stuff other people make is on it's own level of scumminess.
Another website to consider is:
unless it's really rare and I want it, I will just find somewhere else, general pirating forums like this where there's more than 1~2 sharers almost always use non-$-file-hosts, or use mega, zippy, mediafire. so far I've only found 2 sites that doesn't use $-file-hosts and uses mega, mediafire or goodledrive. My style is I don't get every poses or furniture/gadgets out there, I make my own.

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