Sharing Sites Not Working
Hi Guys! Just stumbled upon the sharing sites thread and when I tried the websites, they seem to be not working. I can't register and if they're not asking for registration, the links that were posted to download the file will ask you to pay or register even after you just choose the "free slow download option". Are those sites really working? I've tried other free file sharing sites before so I know some are just click ads but these sites really don't seem to work. Are you guys also experiencing this?
well you have to register to see the links on most of them skyback just use chrome and translate the page register and start downloading.
There is stuff to get but if you want really new stuff they hide it behind a damn pay wall. So I just buy what I want, not going to support someone making money off things they
snag from other forms. Case in point I uploaded The bat thing and the Vimana flying machine on a forum yesterday and took a about an hour for it to show up on Topgfx.
Which I figured would happen its the pirate life.
So is your choice which you want to do..If you can't reg then I have no clue why sorry.
There are plenty of free sites that work well and don't ask for money.

...are two of the best.
(Nov 10, 2016, 07:55 am)beenthere-donethat Wrote: There are plenty of free sites that work well and don't ask for money.

...are two of the best.
Going to check it Smile

(Nov 10, 2016, 07:55 am)beenthere-donethat Wrote: There are plenty of free sites that work well and don't ask for money.

...are two of the best.
How do you increase your balance in zonegfx? and what happens after your free membership expires and you have to renew? Do you have to pay?
I just tried Zonegfx...don't think they're working at all. "This Account Has Been Suspended, Clear your invoice." is what the page says!
ZoneGfx is fairly new and the owner has had a few problems due to the volume of traffic. He/she/it usually gets it running again quickly.
There are a few things about it that are unusual for a pirate site; one has to renew membership each month for one. It's always free but a pain in the butt. You get fifty points each day and some more points for accepting a friend request or viewing a post. The best way to earn extra points is to post a file on Mega to share. You then get points each time someone downloads your file. I like this aspect since it encourages folks to share there items.
Hmmm... I'll have to check them out. Not sure i agree with a point system though. Might encourage people to share, but if you need points in order to download or anything, it's kind of a deterrent when compared with something like, where you don't, and where most things end up anyways. The only way a point-system site, or even a pay site, may have an advantage is if they have unlimited direct downloads, as opposed to everywhere else that has links to file host sites that heavily advertise, and limit download file sizes, amounts,speeds, and/or time between downloads.

When you think about it, these are the advantages torrents have over ANY of these file-sharing sites. A-everything you share is going to end up on torrent one way or another, anyways; B- nothing is hidden behind a paywall, including that one item you openly shared elsewhere that ended up being "stolen" and posted on one of Phuong's sites, etc.; C- you are only limited by the speeds of your IP, and those of other peers; D- you typically don't have to worry about spam and advertising..... I mean, really, and I have experienced this on private file-sharing sites too....unless there is a relatively fast direct download system in place that doesn't rely on hosts like Sharefile, Ooload, etc., torrents are the way to go! I don't really see the thrill or need of these other sites, really. They are NOT any safer, they CAN get taken down, as can file host sites (look at MegaUpload, RapidShare, etc.) both by lack of funds, as well as by authorities. Meanwhile, there's almost always a torrent site of some sort, until the next generation of filesharing comes into play, whatever that may be. Previously, it was DDL, FTP, 1st Gen P2P like WinMX, etc.... now we have torrents.

HAH! It is back, little info on the site as the full distribution of points, how many points you need to pay in order to download, if that is even the case, or what points ARE used for if that is not the case....

I was considering joining but I don't like it. I do like a lot of the stuff posted there, but point system? I'm seeing complaints of spammers, abuse of points being donated to others (?), an upset contributer left after comparing the site to a paysite.... now, I know a few folks there name-wise, from KAT, and they're good folks, but I wish they'd have decided to stick it out here at TPB to be honest. I'm not one for limits on anything other than what is naturally imposed through a person's IP, which usually gets worked around by an increase in peers and seeding. I don't like anyone saying "here's a handful of 'points' or 'coins' or 'medallions', now the only way you can enjoy yourself is by spending them, but 'WE' decide how many points something is worth. If you want more to spend, you have to do this task, and that task, and post this, or share that...oh, and we limit that too, so you can't spam us with fakes but you ALSO can't get everything you want or need right away either....unless of course you (eventually) purchase points....". That's why I don't play those so-called "FREE" online games either. After a certain point that comes up way too fast if you play more than 10 minutes a day, you're stuck, and/or your enjoyment of said game drops.

Anything based on points can easily be converted into, and/or compared to, a pay site. If people aren't donating money to run the site, for example, BAM! You get limited on "earned" points, and are encouraged to PURCHASE points!!! And of course, how many points it costs in order to do whatever points are used for, will end up being raised higher, to make it more of an inconvenience to "save up" points, as they accumulate slower...OR maybe a "use it or lose it" system will be implemented so that if you don't use what points you have by the end of the month, you lose them, and need to start collecting points all over again, unless you PURCHASE a certain level membership, or PURCHASE a certain amount of points, or a different type of coin,point,whatever....such as gold tier, silver tier, etc., which may or may not be saved up beyond the "use it or lose it" deadline.

I'm seeing more detriments to the system than benefits, and more benefits by simply sticking with torrents. I MAY give it a chance least until any of the above actually happens....but if it does, I'm guessing a LOT of people will leave them.
You speak wisely Sir.
But I believe you've forgotten one important requirement for torrenting to succeed...folks gotta share. The numbers reveal that we're a pretty selfish bunch. I watched one of my torrents a while back and after a week it'd been downloaded 400-something times yet people who seeded it never rose above single digits. After a couple of weeks it was all but forgotten. I agree that torrents should be the primary way to share stuff, but it assumes that everyone is altruistic.
These sharing sites are working (for our niche hobby) because they're easy to set up, at least compared to a torrent site. The point thing provides an incentive to share which I believe folks need. As you pointed out, it could go bad quickly but with the number of similar sites, it's easy to switch.
I personally would love to see the usenet take off again, I loved the groups and still participate in a few with some of the hardcore stragglers.
I don't mind ZoneFX's points system. You get 50 points for everyday you visit and 1 point for every page you click through to. Each download requires 50 points so at the very least you can get a download everyday. It seems to be the most up to date in terms of content and, unlike many other similar set ups, uses fairly benign and speedy capatcha-free download links. I also like that they will post bundles instead of breaking them down into individual components for maximum click-age like a lot of the others.
Well, decided to give ZoneFX the benefit of the doubt, and registered... and frustration's hitting again, because the damn email it sent didn't show up, not even in my spam, after waiting 15 minutes. Tried to log in anyways, and said I never I had it send my confirmation again! Waied, checked, checked spam and deleted folders both, STILL nada! I went back, tried to log in again, same results....sent resent the confirmation another 10 times!!! To no avail! Tried to post in the forum to ask for help, of course THAT says I need to LOG IN first!

What the hell is up with these damn web designs and designers that not only can registration screw up, but you can't even CONTACT anyone for HELP??? If somebody is a member there, think they could contact an actual person for me instead of an automated system? I didn't use a bogus or fly-by-nite email either, I used my damn primary ISP one! I'd have used Yahell, but that one is so full of spam I let it lapse! Can't even remember how to get into it any more!

For future web-developer reference should anyone happen to pass by this smart! Your auto systems do NOT always work properly, so make certain you have a very easy way to contact somebody when crap like this happens, OR, conversely, at LEAST leave an emergency part of the forum open to guests...or if you can't even do that, get rid of those stupid-ass "confirmation emails", and take your chances with spammers (which, btw, you can easily get rid's just a hassle! Then again, so is a confirmation system that doesn't work for shit!)'s frustrating as hell! Glad TORRENTS don't need you to confirm before downloading!!!

Oh yeah- registered under wolfenspiel (easier that way, and folks like undesignated and eelgoo should recognize me. Wink

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