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Czechia: Rally to remove Ukrainian flags

CNN clip from 2014 proves Putin is right - Ukraine conflict began that year

India: Free speech? - Rahul Gandhi booked to two years in jail for Modi comment

Study: SARS-CoV-2 can alter genome structure of our cells

The Cover-up - The Biden Administration continues to conceal its responsibility for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines

Ukraine is taking "huge losses" in Avdeevka, says Ukrainian journalist

Irresponsible Western policies endanger humanity: Eritrea

Canada: The Trudeau government’s attempt to ram through the Online News Act has been a series of cringe-worthy blunders

Ukrainians getting military targets from CIA satellite: Times

U.S. propaganda hides truth of Iraq's war: Al Jazeera columnists

‘Profiteering banks pick the pockets of households across Britain’

‘American banking system remains sound’: US Treasury Secretary Yellen

US economy heading for ‘train wreck,’ billionaire warns

Algeria dismantles migrant smuggling network to Europe


The Strongest Evidence Yet That Major Media Outlets Fail in the SARS-CoV-2 Origin Question



Russia - Donbass - Ukraine

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 22, 2023 (Map Update)

Russian Lancet Drones Hit Howitzers, Air Defense System & Battle Tank Of Kiev Forces (Videos)

Russian artillery destroys Ukrainian munitions depot near Donetsk — battlegroup South

Ukrainian drone control crew has been taken out near Donetsk — battlegroup South

Losing Positions On Donbass Front Lines, Kiev Strikes Crimea

Ukraine missile strike destroys Donetsk water supply facility

Russia’s Ka-52 attack helicopter filmed on combat mission

Russian forces destroy 15 Ukrainian troops in Kherson area — top brass

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian army’s fuel depot in Zaporozhye area — top brass

Russia must take Artyomovsk to thwart Kiev’s plan to block Crimea — PMC Wagner’s founder

Control of Artyomovsk to pave way for Russian army’s liberation of Avdeyevka — expert

Kherson Region head denies reports about withdrawal of Russian troops from Novaya Kakhovka

Russian international reserves up $12.5 bln in one week to $585.8 bln, says Central Bank

Belarus sets up air defense regiment near Ukraine border amid escalation — top brass

Russian inquiries on Nord Stream investigation remain unanswered — Lavrov

Russia’s inflation approaching target level — PM Mishustin

Russia's GDP growth rate may surpass developed countries in 2024 — PM

Western sanctions aimed to make Russian people suffer, says PM Mishustin

Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow deepens economic ties between China, Russia — ministry

West just wants ‘to sweep everything under the rug’ - Lavrov on Nord Stream investigation

Nigeria helped Russia set a record for gasoline exports

Chinese Hongqi crossover cars now produced in Russia, a replacement for brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi

The actions of the Central Bank have made the banking system of the Russian Federation more stable

‘There are changes coming that haven’t happened in 100 years’ – Xi to Putin at meeting

Russian president’s arrest overseas would mean declaration of war, Medvedev warns

Medvedev lauds T-90M 'Proryv' tank as superior to Leopard, Abrams armor

Lavrov points to positive dynamics in military and technical ties with Burundi

Trade between Russia, China could reach $300 bln in next few years — Medvedev

Russia spearheading transition toward multipolar world order, says PM

All bank cards work in Russia despite sanctions — Prime Minister

Russia substantially ramps up weapons production, PM says

Automobile part of Crimean Bridge completely restored in 4.5 months — Prime Minister

Railway part of Crimean Bridge to be launched by summer — Deputy PM

Historic moment: domestic drug sales outpace imported ones in Russia — PM

Russia to supply 22 bln cubic meters of gas to China over Power of Siberia — Novak

Russia ramping up oil exports to China — Novak

Russia’s Nord Stream resolution co-authored by China — Russian mission

Russia will not return to Council of Europe — diplomat

EU summit advocates new sanctions against Russia, increased information warfare

Hungary says it won’t arrest Putin

Ukraine agrees to ICC office in Kiev

Heavy weapons flow to Kiev shows peace is not West’s aim in Ukraine — Russian MFA

Ukraine deployed over 80,000 servicemen around Artyomovsk, says Wagner Group founder

Bratislava transfers first four donated MiG-29 fighters to Kiev — Slovak Defense Ministry

Italy in first row of states seeking ‘Russia’s strategic defeat’ — Deputy Foreign Minister

EU states agree to move quickly on artillery shells for Ukraine


Hundreds of thousands protest against Macron

India: Kisan Mahapanchayat stages massive rally in Delhi

EU farmers nearly broke as cheap grain meant for Africa drops prices in Europe

Macron brazenly defends decision to impose pension cuts without parliamentary vote

The 25 Most Valuable Assets Ranked by Market Cap

Immigration fuels Canada's largest population growth of over 1 million

Explosions Hit Large Base Of Iranian Forces In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Monitoring Group

France rocked by nationwide strikes over pension resays it won’t arrest Putin form

Pentagon begins redeployment to deter Russia and China – WSJ

Sandstorm hits Lanzhou city, causes reduced visibility, air pollution

Tear gas deployed as Lebanese protesters storm govt headquarters

Protests against France’s pension reform persist in Lyon

‘It is up to our people to decide what policy to pursue’ - Burundi FM

Public sector workers rally in Berlin for better working conditions

Russia becomes largest investor in Iran this financial year — Finance Minister

Iran's oil exports reach highest level for two years in February — minister

Turkish parliamentary commission approves Finland's NATO membership — TV

Western sanctions obstruct shipment of construction vehicles to Syria — UN envoy

Number of violations committed by US planes, drones in Syria grows — Russian military

4.6 magnitude earthquake hits Japan's Izu Islands

China military says US warship illegally entered its waters

UK: Amazon staff plan more strikes as they reject ‘insulting’ pay offer

Marburg virus kills 20 in Equatorial Guinea - WHO

Kenyans cry foul over economic crisis

Palestine - Israel

Israeli Forces Shoot, Kill Young Palestinian Man near Tulkarm

Israeli Army Attacks Palestinian Hospital during Military Raid in Ramallah

The Glaring Hypocrisy Surrounding Bezel Smotrich’s Genocidal Comments

New Israeli Law Protects Prime Minister from Ouster

Anti-Netanyahu protesters block streets in Tel Aviv


Op-Ed: How banning Chinese products could backfire for the United States

Gen Z is chalking up credit card debt and falling behind on their payments faster than any other generation, new report says

"LGBTQ+ rights are a core part of our foreign policy."

Vermont: As the ‘right to repair’ debate comes to Montpelier, lawmakers face a ‘flood’ of opposition from national interest groups

Americans’ IQ scores drop in four of five measurements

More Americans say they can't pay their bills

Why Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is suing social media companies

Top US Lawmaker Exposes Weaknesses In American Defense Industry

US hegemony is weakening as more countries turn their backs on Washington

How Vallas Helped Wall Street Loot Chicago’s Schools

Facing Collapse, Trump-Linked Bank Fought Regulators

NLRB Says Amazon Illegally Union-Busted by Limiting Worker Access to Warehouses

Big Four Networks Push FCC To Further Erode Media Consolidation Limits

Vegan - Animal Rights

UK Vegan Food Market Grows 9.58% as 40% of Consumers Demand Plant-Based Options

Nike Follows In Puma’s Footsteps By Ditching Leather Made From Kangaroos

Pilot records fishing vessels operating illegally within Argentine territorial waters

France orders government to order end of dolphin-porpoise deaths

Feel your pain? Even fish can show they care

US: Cow Who Escaped From a Brooklyn Slaughterhouse Will Live in Peace at a Sanctuary

Zebrafish seem to be able to count when they are just four days old

US: Hudson’s Bay Joins Saks Fifth Avenue on a Growing List of Fur-Free Companies

EU MEPs Disagree That Plant-Based Milks Should Be Offered in Schools in “Mind Boggling” Fail

UK: Gaia’s Farming Co. Launches Hemp and Nut Butters, More Sustainable and Nutritious Than Conventional Counterparts

Oatly Launches Oat-Based ‘Coffee Chaos’ and ‘Strawberry Confusion’ Ice Creams in Germany

Pur Coop, a French Employee Cooperative Aiming to Reinvent Plant-Based Catering


Biden-Backed $8 Billion Oil Project Spells Disaster For Planet Earth

Ford Says It Will Lose $3 Billion on EVs in 2023

US: Report - The EPA’s January 2021 PFBS Toxicity Assessment Did Not Uphold the Agency’s Commitments to Scientific Integrity and Information Quality

EU drafts plan to allow e-fuel combustion engine cars

An Arizona plant will pull CO2 from the air and trap it in concrete

10 Terrifying Facts About Microplastics

Tropical forest regeneration offsets just 26% of carbon emissions from deforestation

Southern atmospheric rivers are melting the Arctic sea ice; it may never recover: Study

Palm oil deforestation hits record high in Sumatra’s ‘orangutan capital’

For Argentina’s ruddy-headed goose, threats grow while population shrinks

Plan to mine ‘clean energy’ metals in Colombian Amazon splits communities

First-of-its-Kind Study Casts More Shade on Forest Carbon Offsets

Wetland Methane Emissions Reached ‘Exceptional’ Levels in 2020 and 2021

Climate Change Enables the Spread of a Dangerous Flesh-Eating Bacteria in US Coastal Waters, Study Says

This Giant Truck Shows Clean Steel Is Possible. So When Will the US Start Producing It?

China To Launch New Renewable Energy Pilot Scheme For Rural Areas

Three weeks after sinking, Philippines locates fuel tanker

New exhibition explores destruction of wildlife in Africa

US: Climate Advocates Call Out House GOP Push to Fast-Track Mountain Valley Pipeline

How daisies make deceptive petals that look like female flies

New study uncovers unprecedented declines in iconic kelp forests along Monterey Peninsula

A portable instrument to measure indoor air pollution

Researchers warn of 'urgent' need to understand impact of wind farms on precious peatlands


Uncovering the unheard: Researchers reveal inaudible remote cyber-attacks on voice assistant devices

In Congressional hearing, TikTok commits to deleting U.S. user data from its servers ‘this year’

Europe's right-to-repair law asks hardware makers for fixes for up to 10 years

The Linus Tech Tips YouTube hack is the latest in a line of crypto scam breaches

Toshiba accepts takeover offer in bid to go private

$142.8 Billion In Revenue Lost To Fake Online Traffic In 2022

Grande S1 tiny home folds out to three times its towable size

New Android Malware Targets Customers of 450 Financial Institutions Worldwide

Epidemic of Insecure Storage, Backup Devices Is a Windfall for Cybercriminals


Decoding the mystery of ‘Oumuamua

How natural selection causes evolution

Rare Quasar Triplet Forms Most Massive Object in Universe

Chinese Breakthrough in High-Pressure Superconducting Magnetic Detection

Astronomers Identify Unknown Class of Water-Rich Asteroids

Scientists Discover Surprising Similarities in Stone Tools of Early Humans and Monkeys

Sweden's sky lights up with northern lights research

James Webb telescope spots dust storm raging on a giant planet nearly 20 times the size of Jupiter

What's the biggest black hole in the universe?

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh-sphinx statues unearthed at sun temple

Scientists may have uncovered the oldest evidence of a meteor hitting Earth ever


The Paja Formation: An ecosystem of monsters

Art - Culture

US: Librarians and CT lawmakers fight against high cost of eBooks

An Ancient Document Breakthrough Could Reveal Untold Secrets of the Past

Weaving baskets reviving hope for Bwindi women in Uganda

Marry or not? Charles Darwin’s list of pros and cons

German monks create world's first powdered beer


BMA announces dates for new 96-hour walkout by junior doctors in England after Government failure to make any credible offer in talks

Russia records 12,512 daily COVID cases, 36 deaths — crisis center

Botox Injections In Forehead Can Change How Brains Process Emotions

Researchers Have Identified Two Previously Unknown Genes Linked to Schizophrenia

Scientists Warn of Spike in “Flesh-Eating” Infections in Parts of the U.S. Due to Climate Change


Book ban attempts reach "unparalleled" 20-year high in 2022

Twitter blocks access to accounts of prominent Canadians at request of India's government, Sikh group alleges

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Issues Sweeping Information Requests to Universities Researching Disinformation


Online Facial Recognition Service Caught Cruising Through Graveyards To Fill Its Database

JPMorgan Testing Biometrics to Replace Credit Cards

Photo of the Day

Guatemala City - A man searches for scrap metal in the polluted waters of the Las Vacas River, where people salvage items from Guatemala’s largest landfill.

[Image: RyZSlCOi_o.jpg]
[Image: uKkc0o.jpg]


Amongst White Clouds (2005)

[Image: Kt1MoNjO_o.png]

Amongst White Clouds is an intimate insider's look at students and masters living in scattered retreats dotting China's Zhongnan Mountain range. These peaks have reputedly been home to recluses since the time of the Yellow Emperor, some 5,000 years ago. It was widely thought that the tradition was all but wiped out, but this film emphatically and beautifully shows us otherwise. Filmed on location in China by American director Edward A. Burger, the film takes an unforgettable journey into the hidden tradition of China's Buddhist hermit monks. One of only a few foreigners to have lived and studied with these elusive practitioners, Burger is able, with humor and compassion, to present their tradition, their wisdom, and the hardship and joy of their everyday lives among the clouds.

Top Stories

US general admits they train African coup leaders

Support for Ukraine waning – EU member president

Bogus Copyright Complaints Throttle Investigative Journalism

Honduras to sign on with China, end diplomatic ties to Taiwan

Ukrainian soldiers seen with depleted uranium ammo in UK

The Fight to Expose Corporations’ Real Impact on the Climate

Internet Archive to Appeal 'Chilling' Federal Ruling Against Digital Books

America’s Radioactive Secret

Did Modi kill India's democracy by expelling its opposition leader from Parliament?

Italy: Giuseppe Conte addresses pro-Ukrainian Georgia Meloni

Muammar Gaddafi's former spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim

American people don't want to keep fueling a proxy war with Russia

72% of the cobalt for rechargeable batteries comes from the Congo

Serbia has responded to requests from the West to impose sanctions against Russia

US use of toxic weapons in Iraq War led to rise in cancer and infant mortality

Who Is Russian Maria Lvova-Belova Targeted By The International Criminal Court

Christians will face jail in Israel for proselytising under proposed bill

Jerome Powell and the Sustainability of America's Debt

US Nukes in Europe: Where are They Stationed?

US military to build 4 bases in Philippines, confirms Marcos

For Israelis, Ethnic Cleansing Palestinians is Fine, But Judicial Reform is a Red Line

Two Decades and $90 Billion US Dollars Later: Dissecting The Afghan Military’s Total Collapse

Iran International: Inside the “Saudi-Funded” Network Promoting Regime Change in Iran

Burying key evidence, new OPCW report covers up Douma’s unsolved deaths

After Tide of Memoirs From Americans, an Iraqi Journalist Offers Inside Account of War’s Destruction

AUKUS to enrich US, British military-industrial complex — expert


Ukrainian religious persecution - The arrest of Orthodox priests continues

The monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church have been forced to books and other things from the temple in order to save them



Protests continue all over France

Some police officers in France remove their helmets and stop fighting with protesters

Government building burnt by France protestors

Here come the farmers! Dumping manure and tires in front of council offices

Entire stadium chants “Macron Resign”

Louvre workers block access to museum in strike against pension reform


Russia - Donbass - Ukraine

Ukrainian military fired over 100,000 live rounds at DPR since situation escalated

Southern Military District’s motorized infantry wipes out Ukrainian saboteurs in DPR

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian military convoy in DPR

For those who will try to tell that terrorists live in the Donbass

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian ammo depot in Kharkov Region, top brass reports

Listen to the residents of Kremennaya telling how things have changed

Russian troops hit 84 Ukrainian artillery units in firing positions

LPR officer reveals number of Ukrainian losses near Artyomovsk in past week

Truth about the losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a Ukrainian

Russian paratroopers wipe out Ukrainian stronghold in special military operation

Driver of a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier didn’t stop to pick up his brother in arms

Marina Faleeva and Tatyana Tseluiko, who destroyed two naval drones attacking Sevastopol

Ukrainian threatens to execute civilians in the Kahrkov Oblast

Russian artillery destroys Ukrainian howitzer in Kherson area

DPR security forces report attempt on Mariupol police chief's life, he is alive

One civilian killed in Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk’s Kalininsky district — authorities

DPR reports capturing group of Ukrainian soldiers near Artyomovsk

US seeks to include anti-Russian language in Summit for Democracy statement — ambassador

Over 2,000 people evacuated from embattled Artyomovsk given refuge in Shakhtersk — mayor

US plans to clone NATO in Asia to subjugate independent states — Russian Security Council

Deployment of Russian tactical nukes in Belarus logical response to US — expert

KazTransOil starts shipping Russian oil to Uzbekistan — press service

Russian-Belarusian trade reaching record high $45 bln — Russian PM

Putin on the Yuan, Russia's new preferred trading currency

Russia will use the Chinese yuan to trade with ASIA, AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA

I 'competely agree' that Nord Stream attack was organized by US: Putin

Primorye wants to build a new bridge to China

Russian company unveils ChatGPT competitor

The first car of the revived Moskvich plant was tested in Yekaterinburg

The Foreign Ministry said that Russia is not going to withdraw from the WTO

The Most Undervalued Assets In Europe Are Now In Eastern Ukraine. Who Is The First To Benefit?

UNSC Fails to Adopt Russia-Drafted Resolution Calling For Nord Stream Probe

US Senate to Vote on Setting Up Inspector General for Ukraine Aid This Week

'I Know the Truth': Donetsk Musical and Drama Theater Team Heals Souls and Believes in Victory

Uganda Satisfied With Military Cooperation With Russia, Museveni Says

China, Russia top list of states with largest trade surplus

Kherson governor reveals number of residents with Russian passports

TASS, Namibia Press Agency to sign cooperation agreement

Russia to fight West’s attempts to 'whitewash' Nord Stream sabotage theme — Kremlin

Putin awards medal to boy hero who saved two girls in Ukrainian attack near Bryansk

Publisher arrested in absentia on charges of spreading fake news about Russian army

Russian company to start selling Iran’s Saipa cars from June 1 — CEO

Putin congratulates noted Russian explorer on yet another world record

Iranian cars assembly can start at plant in St. Petersburg — senior manager

Ukraine Receives 18 German Leopard 2 Tanks: Report

Canada sends Bergepanzer 3 armored recovery vehicles to Ukraine - Defense Minister Anita Anand

UK Ministry of Defense shows how Ukrainian troops are trained on British Challenger 2 tanks

Ukraine deploys up to 75,000 servicemen on Zaporozhye direction — politician

Desperate attempt: Kiev bringing elite forces to Artyomovsk to retain city, says LPR


Iran: Certain foreign agencies behind murder of police forces

Iraq: We're paying the price of war with illness and defects - Fallujah battle eyewitnesses

Ramadan celebrations inside of Bradford cathedral, England

EU will send 1 billion Euro for post-earthquake reconstruction in Turkey

UK: Thieves stripping parked cars amid parts shortage

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane (2019 report)

Banks with the Highest 5-Year Credit Default Swaps (CDS)

Lebanese over-reliance on US dollar leaves citizens in need of economic aid

Spain: Thousands of medical workers denounce healthcare cuts in Madrid

FIFA Postpones U-20 World Cup following Indonesia’s Rejection of Israel’s Participation

Ecuador landslide kills at least 16, others reported missing

Germany hit by biggest transport strike in decades

SNP turmoil delays dream of independent Scotland as Humza Yousaf shifts away from referendum demand

Deutsche Bank share price plummets as stock markets face fresh crisis after Credit Suisse collapse

Germany Announces Initiative to Rebuild Ukraine, Pledges $27Mln for Interstate Partnership

Nearly 100,000 Prepayment Meters Forcibly Installed In UK Homes

Ireland to spend 350 million euros to house homeless in 2023

6 killed in suicide blast near Afghan Foreign Ministry

Yemenis hold massive rallies to mark 8th year of war

Sinister Western origins of Iranian schoolgirls’ poisoning psyop

More than 100,000 British civil, public servants to go on all-out strike on April 28 over pay

UK: Sexual assault survivors suffer ‘devastating’ crown courts backlog impact, report finds

Nigeria: 13,360 Boko Haram fighters surrender in 18 months - Army

DRC: 14 tribesmen killed by militia in west

Hundreds storm ex-President Kenyatta's farm

Indian Government Cuts Off Internet Access To 27 Million Punjab Residents As It Continues Its Targeting Of Sikhs

Greek Government Used Predator Spyware To Spend A Year Surveilling A US Citizen

Hungary ratifies NATO expansion

Palestine - Israel

‘Butcher of Tantura’, who bragged about murdering Palestinians, dies

Israel announces plans for hundreds of new settlement units

Israeli Forces Injure Six Palestinians during Military Raid in Jericho

Israel Boils as Netanyahu Ousts Minister Who Bucked Court Overhaul

Tens of thousands of Israelis protest judicial overhaul

Protesters break through police barricades at rally outside Netanyahu’s house
FIFA Postpones U-20 World Cup following Indonesia’s Rejection of Israel’s Participation

Under mounting pressure from violent protests, Netanyahu agrees to delay judicial overhaul plan

Israel’s Consul General in New York Resigns in Protest of Netanyahu’s Policies

Ben-Gvir Agrees to Freeze Judicial Reform Delay in Exchange for ‘National Guard’

Anti-Palestinian Hate on Social Media Is Growing, Says a Facebook Partner


Economists expect recession, high inflation in US this year

Another Explosion at a chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas

Americans Pull Back From Values That Once Defined U.S., WSJ-NORC Poll Finds

Half of US Employees Earn Extra Cash on the Side, Survey Finds

Silicon Valley Bank Rises From Dead With First Citizens Acquisition

SVB Collapse Could Mean a $500 Billion Venture Capital ‘Haircut’

Work-From-Home Era Ends for Millions of Americans

How First Republic's courtship of the wealthy led to meltdown

Money market funds swell by more than $286bn amid deposit flight

To help new students adapt, some colleges are eliminating grades

FTC Action Leads to Lifetime Industry Ban for Operators of ‘Extended Vehicle Warranty’ Scam

WA Supreme Court upholds capital gains tax

DEA Warns 'Zombie Drug' Hitting US Streets, Set To Worsen Overdose

Tornado Outbreak Kills 22 in Mississippi and Alabama

'Wedge tornado' in Mississippi is the deadliest in more than 50 years

Washington DC Rent Subsidy Enriches 'Slumlords' at Expense of Capital's Poorest

Congress to Move Ahead With TikTok Bill to Protect Americans From China's 'Technological Tentacles'

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Record military budget “prepares us to fight” China

Vegan - Animal Rights

Biden Is Fulfilling Trump’s Cruel Policy on Wild Horses

E. Coli From Meat ‘Behind Half A Million UTIs In The US Each Year’

Can Swine Flu Infect People?

Ocean salmon fishing ban off California and Oregon as stocks plummet

How AI and VR Are Saving Animals From Experiments

Octopus Farms Raise Massive Ethical And Evironmental Concerns

Food Production Emissions Alone Will Heat World Beyond 1.5C, Study Finds

Home gardens are key to better lives for vulnerable tribes in India, finds research

‘Rings Of Power’ Producers Condemned After Horse Dies On Set

What Happens to Your Body When You Go Vegan?

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Steak Wins Prestigious 2023 FABI Innovation Award

Peru: Holy Plants is First Vegan Fast Food Restaurant in Lima to Serve Beyond Meat

Animal-Free Organic Farming Attracts Significant Interest at BIOFACH 2023


Deep-sea mining for rare metals will destroy ecosystems, say scientists

Conservation in conflict: Corporations, capitalism and sustainable development

This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature

Factory or farm? Oregon may alter land use for chipmakers

Mennonite colonies linked to deforestation of Indigenous territories and protected areas in Paraguay

As oceans warm, temperate reef species edge closer to extinction, study shows

China: To save Hainan gibbons, Earth’s rarest primate, experts roll out the big tech

Deforestation drives fire risk in Borneo amid a warming climate, study finds

‘Manta grid’ provides a ray of hope against industrial bycatch threat

Absolutely criminal’: Protestors hospitalised during anti-reservoir rally in western France

Greenpeace confronts deep sea mining expedition in the Pacific Ocean

Systovi unveils ultra-lightweight solar panels

‘Rewilding’ Parts of the Planet Could Have Big Climate Benefits

US: Republicans Propose Nationwide Offshore Wind Ban, Citing Unsubstantiated Links to Whale Deaths

US: A Proposed Utah Railway Could Quadruple Oil Production in the Uinta Basin, if Colorado Communities Don’t Derail the Project

Nigeria breaks ground on solar cell production facilityStunning northern lights appear over Murmansk region with full range of colours

Canada: B.C.’s latest LNG approval sends mixed messages about commitments to climate and Indigenous Rights

Canada: The race to understand how kelp forests dampen ocean noise — before it’s too late

Canada: How big is the mercury threat posed by Hudson Bay’s thawing permafrost?

Trinseo halts Pennsylvania plant as latex product released into Delaware River

Deborah Meaden: ‘Britain’s rivers are disgraceful. Destroying nature should be a crime’

River sewage: 15 of the dirtiest rivers and lakes in Britain's National Parks, and how they can be saved

Green tech intended to fix Welsh rivers is actually poisoning them, warn campaigners

Biden Office Criticized by Progressives Over Willow Project Approval

Stunning northern lights appear over Murmansk region with full range of colours

Portugal Bids To Boost Green Energy With First Hydrogen Auction

Wind Industry To Install Record New Capacity By 2027

US: House GOP's Energy Package Slammed as Harmful 'Giveaway to Big Oil'

Toxic Fears, Confusion After Chemical Leak Hits Philadelphia Drinking Water Supply

Microplastics in seabirds linked with increase in illness-causing bacteria

A Potential Health Threat for Humans: Sea Otters Killed by Unusual Parasite Strain

Considered Extinct for 36 Years: Endangered Vulture Returns to Bulgaria

Restoring just nine groups of animals could help combat global warming

1,000-plus years of tree rings confirm historic extremity of 2021 western North America heat wave

New research highlights an overlooked accelerant of ice loss from Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

The Greenland Ice Sheet is close to a melting point of no return, says new study

New electrolyte enables high efficiency of safe, sustainable zinc batteries

Vehicle exhaust filters do not remove 'ultrafine' pollution, according to new study

Russian environmentalists condemn UK decision to send depleted uranium shells to Kiev


US: The RESTRICT act may let the government control any public tech company

New EU telecom rules will leave everyone worse off

If you want a checkmark on Twitter now, you're going to have to pay for it

Companies say Elon Musk's plan to charge $1,000 for month for Twitter checkmarks is 'outlandish' and makes them 'meaningless'

Elon Musk memo suggests Twitter worth less than half of the $44bn he paid for it

How and when Facebook decides to break its own moderation rules

Part of Twitter's source code was apparently leaked by a disgruntled programmer

Twitter takes legal action after source code leaked online

Colorful films could help buildings, cars keep their cool

Cryptocurrencies add nothing useful to society, says chip-maker Nvidia

Founder of one of world’s largest hacker forums arrested

Scientists integrate two-dimensional materials into silicon microchips for advanced data storage and computation

Hobbyist builds ChatGPT client for MS-DOS

Cheap, fast induction tech enables unlimited-size 3D metal printing

Anker portable fridge chills camp with swappable lithium pack

Tesla Model 3 Hacked in Less Than 2 Minutes at Pwn2Own Contest


Pall of suspicion -The National Institutes of Health’s “China initiative” has upended hundreds of lives and destroyed scores of academic careers

New Water Reservoir On The Moon Discovered In Beads Of Impact Glass

Interplanetary Weather Observer: Hubble Spies Spectacular Changing Seasons at Jupiter and Uranus

The hunt for black holes older than the universe itself

Human body is a breeding ground for antimicrobial resistance genes, shows new study

Earth's first plants likely to have been branched, study finds

Webb space telescope measures the temperature of a rocky exoplanet

Marsupials and other mammals separately evolved flight many times, and we are finally learning how

Roman-era trash dump containing naked Venus statue and other artifacts unearthed in France


Fallow Deer with Two-Pointed Antlers Lived alongside Neanderthals

Art - Culture

Lebanon split into two time zones in row over daylight saving

Wales: Law to help all Wales' pupils speak Welsh confidently by 2050

A Photographic Mission to Make an Amazonian Tribe Known

The Ancient Indian Buddhist Monk Buried in Athens

Rubbish fashion: street art costumes of Kinshasa – in pictures

Iran: Bisotun Historical Complex

Moroccan villagers keep communal store tradition alive


AstraZeneca vaccine legal fight: ‘Doctors had to remove part of my skull because of the pressure on my brain’

UK: More than £1bn in Covid business support cash lost to ‘fraud and error’, but only £11m recovered

Most long Covid sufferers say they have been treated unfairly at work

COVID-19 Infection During Pregnancy Linked to Higher Risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

US: Average privately insured family spends $1,300 out of pocket for child's hospitalization, finds study

Scientists sound the alarm on incubator risk to babies' ears

MOF-Jet tech painlessly shoots powdered medication through the skin

Russia records 8,989 daily COVID cases, 31 deaths — crisis center


Agatha Christie novels reworked to remove potentially offensive language


What's happening with the Latitude Financial cyber attack? Millions of customer details stolen in one of the largest-known data breaches in Australia

The professor trying to protect our private thoughts from technology


[Image: to9DvHRt_o.jpg]

Photo of the Day

Idlib, Syria - Injured cats from areas affected by the earthquakes are cared for at the Ernestoâs Sanctuary for Cats.

[Image: crD0ttlr_o.jpg]

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