(Request) JaboodyShow Movie Dub Commentaries
No...but I went back through and re-sync'd Episodes I-VI and should be a bit better on the ears.  The syncs I made 3+ years ago were a little hit or miss, haha.
Thanks as always Tripletap!
Wow you're awesome thanks, Trips. Hit or miss but I'm sure it's a learning process and all these uploads and the time and effort you put into them are greatly appreciated.

Wonder what this weekends movie dub upload will be. Watched a couple of their live streams this week and didn't pick up on them mentioning what movie it was going to be. It's so good their dual streaming on youtube and twitch now. They've been saying it's been really successful.
Tripple T, thanks for the Star Wars updates. I didn't realize there was an audio issue with them until I checked earlier. Bam-O! Audio issues and the new files are awesome.
I'm gonna try to manifest a commentary of Powder ::wills it::
They said Back to the Future 2 "They think" lol. If so I'm super hyped, now if they could just do Ghostbusters 2...

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