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How smart is it to create a Reddit account for my piracy under VPN with a burner email, keep in mind I'm an uploader.
IMO if you want to use it to promote your uploads and discuss piracy while NOT sharing personal information, then you won't be in greater danger than you are now.
As an uploader you are now revealing your IP (VPN). As a redditor, this might be linked with your browser fingerprint (+ social networks if you link (e.g. facebook or whatever can link to reddit), but you probably dont want to link it). I dont really think someone will try to get you for piracy using fingerprinting. Too much work when they can copyright troll just by sending letters to torrent users and hope they are not using VPN.
Depends on where you live. I would suggest you log in on Reddit with a TOR browser for piracy purposes.
Other than that you can use a main Reddit account on your local IP.

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