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Poll: How do you read the bible?
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Reading the Bible
Oh and another thing that made me not believe in the bible for a long time. When you read things like falling fire from the sky, things that look like magic, well i learn some time ago that the bible doesnt have words like "eletricity", so they didnt know what a lighting strike was as it come from above and when it hits the ground it makes fire, it is fire from falling from the sky.
After that alot things made sense to me... Stopping a river from flowing when somebody holds a stick over his head, is magic if you dont think deeper because river only stops if there is a barrier holding the water, so they did the best to explain what happed in their perspective, they might not have seen the rocks falling and holding the water, after a while it might have gone over the rock and started flowing again.
The timing is the impossible to replicated, the chances to it started when someone putted the stick over his head and stop just when it was needed is the GOD's work.
See? timing, probalistics, statistics, physics... Just do you best to make things come together and making sense.
God NEVER breaks his rules, He never changes. HE doesnt need it. If this rules that we know some of then are broke, this is where i see "magic" and i dont belive in it and try to find another explanation.

Lets say someone sees a rock flying over his head, i dont belive it because it broke the rules, rocks dont fly, so someone made a machine to throw rocks or maybe some magnetic field passed in that place and the rock was made of iron. Then i would look for things like that in other sources to see if things like that exists.

In the bible you will read about the 10 plagues in egypt, for me at first it was magic, but looking for a explanation if a volcano appeared nearby, it could be possible that the plagues were respecting the rules, sources of iron making the sea red, bugs, frogs, desieses (frogs eat bugs, people ate the frogs and had desieses, and so on) and in the bible says that after the plague, the floor opened and fire came from it, and then a big cloud made shade from the sun, it might have been a dark cloud to shade the sun, maybe made of ashs, so it was probable a volcano, and the Bible didn't had a name for it as is was not common.

Another thing is, we might not know all the rules GOD follows, like HE talks to some people. We humans discover new things all the time, it could be that the bible describes some rules that we have never studied.

This is already too deep in your studies.
So my best, good luck, dont give up.
Never belive in things that doesnt make sense, but dont assume it is wrong, you might have not seen the entire picture.
Thank you, vimcontole, your input is valuable so far and you are welcome to post more on this thread.

May the Lord be with you.

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