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Poll: How do you read the bible?
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Reading the Bible
Oh and another thing that made me not believe in the bible for a long time. When you read things like falling fire from the sky, things that look like magic, well i learn some time ago that the bible doesnt have words like "eletricity", so they didnt know what a lighting strike was as it come from above and when it hits the ground it makes fire, it is fire from falling from the sky.
After that alot things made sense to me... Stopping a river from flowing when somebody holds a stick over his head, is magic if you dont think deeper because river only stops if there is a barrier holding the water, so they did the best to explain what happed in their perspective, they might not have seen the rocks falling and holding the water, after a while it might have gone over the rock and started flowing again.
The timing is the impossible to replicated, the chances to it started when someone putted the stick over his head and stop just when it was needed is the GOD's work.
See? timing, probalistics, statistics, physics... Just do you best to make things come together and making sense.
God NEVER breaks his rules, He never changes. HE doesnt need it. If this rules that we know some of then are broke, this is where i see "magic" and i dont belive in it and try to find another explanation.

Lets say someone sees a rock flying over his head, i dont belive it because it broke the rules, rocks dont fly, so someone made a machine to throw rocks or maybe some magnetic field passed in that place and the rock was made of iron. Then i would look for things like that in other sources to see if things like that exists.

In the bible you will read about the 10 plagues in egypt, for me at first it was magic, but looking for a explanation if a volcano appeared nearby, it could be possible that the plagues were respecting the rules, sources of iron making the sea red, bugs, frogs, desieses (frogs eat bugs, people ate the frogs and had desieses, and so on) and in the bible says that after the plague, the floor opened and fire came from it, and then a big cloud made shade from the sun, it might have been a dark cloud to shade the sun, maybe made of ashs, so it was probable a volcano, and the Bible didn't had a name for it as is was not common.

Another thing is, we might not know all the rules GOD follows, like HE talks to some people. We humans discover new things all the time, it could be that the bible describes some rules that we have never studied.

This is already too deep in your studies.
So my best, good luck, dont give up.
Never belive in things that doesnt make sense, but dont assume it is wrong, you might have not seen the entire picture.
Thank you, vimcontole, your input is valuable so far and you are welcome to post more on this thread.

May the Lord be with you.
After a long time thinking, i came to this conclusions:
MAGIC is when you say why something happened BUT it was not like that. Just like card tricks, they hide behind their hand and say it vanished.
And the bible always explains things the way they happens or it is open to you to find out what happened. Some times it looks like it was not like that but when you search for it in real life you see it is possible.
Like i said some posts before there are things that the bible explains that if you don't read it, you will never experience. The bible says even if you ignore existence of God, his words are still truth. Like if you stays in a shitty place doing shitty stuff you will get sick (cursed are the words used back then). "The land is cursed" i could understand there is taeniasis in the earth. As they never had a microscope they didnt know what the curse was but they knew there was something bad in the dirty.

Then there is somethings i cant explain is how "God speak to us" i really really really want it bad now. What is it like? Is it a sound? Or telepathy?

A random nice lady was in the same meeting i was. She walked to me and told me: "God is telling me that you want to open a bank." (I never told that to anyone, that was my thoughts man).
"It is not to you open a bank, God is taking care of you, keep studying and telling people what you learned about God."
"He heard you when you said you were at His disposal. He never ignores anyone who is sincere wanting that." (i said that before going to sleep dude, nobody could ever heard me! And i never met that lady before) then she told me stuff of my future (very personal, dont want to tell) and i dono if its going to happen. But dude!!! NO JOKE! You got have that experience dude! I wish i was recoding so i could play it here! This experience is priceless! I want to hear God like she did! How did she does that? So many questions!!!

I dono if anyone will read this post but i can sure you this book is alive! This stuff in this book happens!
Anyone reading it right now? I need someone with real experience and knowledge to talk about it!
I am still reading.

I just bought another Bible on top of the old, green one. It's the King James version, untranslated and uses the words, "thy," "thou," and "thee."

Interesting conclusion about "magic."

How did Jesus work his miracles?
YES! i need people that read it, so we can talk about that stuff. You will understand other things that i didnt catch at my readings, but you will.

I think thats a very good english bible, as i am not american, i just heard of it that it compares to the best translated bible we have. Still some times i have to go to different translations to check if i understood, then going to the original if i still think thats the meaning of the text.

How did Jesus work his miracles? So few words for questioning. So many words to answer it. Lets do it...

The way i see Jesus never claimed it is impossible to reproduce that events he did. It is the opposite way, He says you need reproduce then and as we follow rules like physics mathematics logistics (name it), so He did it following the rules too. It is something achivable. God created the rules and He doesn't need to break it.

Yes, that is difficult to understand since "miracles" is just a word that is pushed to your head by every one else that explains the bible.
My meaning of "miracles" is something very hard to explain how it happened, not a "energy", not "another dimention" stuff, not "ghosts" stuff, as it is not a rule we know it and the bible dont talk about it. Maybe it was some rule that i dont know it yet. Still If someone says to me "a miracle blablabla" i would think, thats not how it happend, i dont have the answer now, but if look it closely i would see the answer also there are errors in the explanation that people give to you about the event also so many other mistakes can be made. It is something about how he sees the world that people says "miracle". Its not something to be ignored, the event happened but not like he described. So whats your definition of miracle?

Its like mind desieses today or the word "demons", back then it meant "something bad" because they didnt know what it was. It wasnt ghosts or another creature of another dimension that took control of the body of people that is being teaching today in horror movies, they didnt have that concepts.
The words they use today had other meaning back then: curse, demons, leprosy, love and so on... so many words with different meanings of the words we know today. Its like a code, if you read love today you think about passion, emotions, euforia, because of movies, culture, schools... but love in the bible are actions (patient, kind. not envy, not boast, not proud...), not feelings, very simple.
Another word, demons. As i learned about hypnosis, the transe is something that make people get "demons" they look alike, they do the same stuff but without "controlling" the actions and that control in hypnosis is very relative and is not to be trusted as i once saw someone lose it in a show and it became a horror show, very ugly one.

Lets think about one "miracle". Jesus used old wine bottles to make water into wine. What is wine to then? Is it the taste, smell and color only? Probably. It wasn't the molecules because they didn't even know what atons was (we still don't know what they are perfectly). Who said it was wine? Was it Jesus or someone else?

Possible conclusions:
1-Water molecule turned in wine molecule.
2-someone said it was wine because it looked like wine. Nobody asked Jesus if that was wine. So He didnt say what it was. And it was water, so that person lied.
3- Or let me ask you: Powder gatorade with water is gatorade or water with powder? People usually says it is gatorade. So it could be water in very ancient old bottle of wine that had residue or a thin layer of dry wine glued at its wall (like powder gatorade) and the water took its tastes smell and color, making it "wine". It is different then wine? It was hydrated dried wine, the layer was made with grapes and when hydrated it had every recognizable characteristics of wine. If was to drink it i would say it was wine and a good one, that layer was very very very old making it very good wine. Are you following me? Jesus made gatorade of wine, gatorade wine flavored , yummy! Wine made from water mixtured with dried wine. Maybe there was some sugar from the grapes too that made it even better. And they were in a wedding party, maybe already under effect of alcohol making easy to mistake wine without alcohol. Did wine back then had alcohol? Whats the correct translations to the original word of wine?

What do you think made more sense to you?
For me what made sense was:
The "miracle" or even better, the event was not the transformation of its molecules, it was in thinking of using the very old residue in the bottles of wine to make "more wine" rinsing the walls with water. Probably if he did again using the same bottles it wouldn't be as good as they claimed to be.
Jesus never claimed the molecules changed from water to wine. Never claimed it was a miracle. And it was wine, gatorade wine.
In that time they didnt had anything like gatorade powder, milk powder, juice powder, concentrated juice, so it was very very smart to use something like that when they had never saw powder products before. Imagine something that you never saw or heard before. You cant. So creating something completely new is unquestionable super hard. Jesus invented concentrated wine, i think.

So how did Jesus knew what he was supposed to do to solve that situation? THATS THE REAL QUESTION. Because he does that again and again and again and again in so many different occasions and in the very best possible time for the specific person who was supposed to happen! How did Jesus knew all the time what He was supposed to do? It is probabilistic impossible to invent so many ways to solve problems in a life time. And he did all that in only 3 years. I think when you answer that you will hear God. At least i am trying to figure it out. Jesus gave us clues: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does."
I think thats the answer but i dont understand yet. How to "see", "recognise" or whatever it means, what God is doing. Is it like seeing ghosts? I dont belive it. Maybe and maybe only, is something insightful. I dono yet. Maybe it is all the knowledge of the bible combined at the same time? Jesus knew all of it with the correct code. I mean he knew the correct meaning of the words.
Jesus can do only what God IS doing. (it looks like a rule right there, have to check if there is something else in the bible).

Do you know the little titles that are over the chapters? They are not in the original text, someone else putted there and they miss interpreting the chapters... Just ignore the titles of the bible... The original bible is ONE CONTINUOUS TEXT not divided by chapters with this little horrible titles. They distort the meaning of the chapters. Example "multiplication of the loaf and fish". People that only "read" the bible and dont think about it, explains like bread and fish appeared from thin air or some type of mitosis. Jesus never multiplied anything! Nothing can appear from thin air! Isnt it a obvious rule? And did God broke this rule or invented another rule or we dont know that rule? Is it possible to make things from thin air? Rules are the reality. And in reality you cant make mass appear from thing air. I have another explanation to this event that makes sense. If there is a agenda behind the division in chapters and the little titles, it is to make people read ramdonly chapters so they dont understand the real meaning of the full text and the titles is to make you imagine something totally different of what the text is describing.

The difference of magic and what Jesus did is, Jesus never lie of what happened, he doesnt say what happened, people wouldnt understand at the time, but he says you can do it too.
Lies in part of the magic, so magic does lie on purpuse to make you belive in something outside of reality. That the magician has powers! Or become scared of your broken reality. What does the word "miracles" do? Thats why i interpret "miracles" the same as "magic"! Jesus dont do magic, he knows how to solve all problems, for everybody all the time. The "impossible part" of the bible is If someone knows how to revive someone is God, of course. Jesus dod what God is doing, AND Jesus says that we can do it too. Well we dont know how to do it yet. Maybe we are missing something. Thats why i think reviving is possible if you do what God does as He never breaks the rules and Jesus did it so can we if we know how! That was too much i know it. Wow looks like star wars, the dark side lied about reviving people and the jedis did know how to do it. Crazy. Also magic never do what it says it is doing... Jesus did exactely what it is described.
If you want some more about "miracles". I have some generic stuff to explain some of the events.

Asking my family (brother and father) that are doctors. They said in medicine it is known that your thoughts affects how your body behavings in a chemistry level too. Lets say you see something scary. When you think in that situation that is scary, you produces adrenaline ("hormone of fear" how they called it). Or for example, a man who thought he couldn't talk in public, when he is in this situation, adrenaline is produced and he got paralised and cant move his mouth, or cry or get depression or kill him self or have panic attacks. Another example is if you think in a attractive woman, well... you know it, you get happy and produces hormones that affects your body. Medicine doesn't use it that much to cure people, still there are studies about it. Placebo effect that actually cured some people, because they thought it would work, it actually worked!

Back to "miracles". Some times Jesus did use this tecnique. You will see it with paralytics walking when Jesus says STAND UP AND WALK.

Probably they could walk before Jesus said that BUT they never tried before! The sick thought they couldnt walk so they never did, what made then look thin and sick and dependent and unintelligent because they couldnt go study and poor because they could work, what else? It was a hell to then!!! And one word cured then.

Jesus allways used the right method for the right sickness, what is probabilistic impossible, but he did it. I mean God did so He did it too.
I am not telling thats the only way to cure paralytics that Jesus used but he used it when it mattered.

It is a change in the way the sick is thinking that affect his body that cures him. WHO WOULD THOUGHT ON THAT that time???

Conclusion is sickness is not only physical stuff but some way people is thinking too. And the cure is to change it. If they dont change it will became worst.

OK... So this is not POWER OF THE MIND stuff, moving things with the mind, controling minds, energy etc... as i don't belive you can do it outside of your own body, its a hormonal or change in actions. You can influence others with images or sound, but it depends of its own person to give space for then to this tecniques be effective, like what hypnoses says, but the bible says to not hypnotise anyone, so Jesus didnt use hypnoses ever, he never put anyone in transe. When the sick said "Please Jesus, cure me", that's when they gave space to Jesus and He could do something about it. OH! Thats what i do when i pray, i give Jesus some space to work, nice.

Thats the reason why some thoughts is a trouble maker for Jesus, it breaks your body!!! It makes you sick! The thoughts he says its bad for you, will make you sick or have thinking way that causes trouble, or some social stuff, or all of that at once.

Some things that people says it is fun to do it and you read in the bible you shoudnt do it, will make you sick. If the bible says don't eat "shit"! Some people will reply "i like to eat shit", "i don't like your rule".

The thing i miss in the bible are explanations, why people shouldnt eat shit? I see like thats ower job to figure it out. Maybe it was so obvious to then back in the bible s time, that they didn't need to say why but i dono.
Another insightful masterpiece that only vimcontrole knows best.

Do you live in the western world? If you do, do think Benny Hinn did it like Jesus did when he "healed" the blind and the wheelchair-bound?

Hehe, I watch it and I can't help but laugh! Maybe I should be more serious.
Well i do laugh almost always hehe... but could be because of "Dunning Kruger effect".

Now that you made me thinking on people like that, they do talk to thousands of people and i can tell i never did anything like that. I dono his experiences and how sincere they are. Thats something to look for. After someone came to me to tell me God spoke to her and confirming it telling me a thought i had that i didn't told anyone maybe they had this experience too. Maybe God spoke direct to him i dono. Like i said before if its not with you you will never believe it.

The problem is we dont know his agendas. Religions has alot of agendas, they change meanings in the bible what changes the reality as you see it, and they never change their thinking when they are wrong, also they have alot of bills to pay. Cant tell the same thing about his followers but thats why i dont like "explanations" from people who has theology or religions, they need it to be magic so you will never look for answers, and have a "blind faith".

Still thinking about that even if it worked only once after 10.000.000 tries, it is still amazing. The placebo studies have statistics. Do this guys have it too? Imagine how it is for the guy who was cured, its life changing, from blind to seen using only words. Maybe the sick wants the cure so bad that they say it worked without knowing for sure. But because i can never confirm if it worked, nor that it didnt work, i will deny it worked. I will stop denying when i be able to do it too consistently like Jesus did.

Well i could start trying doing that. If someone give Jesus some space to work i will pray for then (why i have never thought on that before?). Maybe i will miss alot but if it work only once in a thousand that would worth the effort. If it doesnt it will not change anything anyway, the sick will still be sick and not worst. So it doesnt have collateral effects, doesnt matter if that doesnt work. Nothing to lose.

If i could keep seeing the cured person for days and make questions to the person to measure the progress, that would confirm it for me, but thats is too invasive to the patient, to much pressure and being seen by someone for days is too creepy heheh.

What i know it works:
Physical cures:
1-Immuno Desieses: When people go to sourcery and swallow stuff, shitty stuff, because the sourcer say it is magic and will work. This shitty stuff inside then gives immunologic sickness, psoriases, reumatism or chron for example. When this pastor pray for the person and he vomits this things, he gets the cure. I found one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAVpOk14xB4 vomiting at 6min, it is disgusting, but swalling that shitty stuff is disgusting too, i think this is at africa where they deal alot with sorcerers. There is alot at youtube.
2-Some times cancer, as i told you mind reacts in the chemistry of the body so if you deeply change your mind as the bible says it should be, it cures sickness, i know one person only that it happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQAMCTZViiQ i can confirm it, i know this guy for 22 years i know his history. And heard of another 3 but that doesnt count.

Behavior cures:
1-people with destroyed families, thiefs, liers, causing injustices, hitting family, terrorists, poor because of behavior, love life, bad adctions, drugs, too much alcohol, etc... There is alot of people who was cured of drugs and alcohol in the churchs. The families doesnt appear much but a small changes in meaning of love for example changes everything for the family.
2-Paralitycs as i explaned before...

Mind cures:
1-Casting demons when the pastor didnt get anyone in transe but the person was already in transe "without control", so the pastor cast it out as it is a sickness too. I still dono why but when you say "Jesus" it works much better. I supose people get trainned in meditations or transe from religions and Jesus is the one who always casted it out. Then this person has to deprogram the transe what is very difficult. Its like drugs, it is always there and you have learn stuff to replace that and be very vigilant on things that triggers the transe, maybe, a movie, a music, a thought... I did it once at my work, in a office, one guy started to act very strangely, jokes he never did before, very insulting, altering his voice, saying evil stuff. After casting it, he was in shock, very confused and embarrassed about the situation, he didnt know why he act that way. It is a sickness and he didnt know it. He got back to normal and he was a very nice person again. I dono if its going to happen again. Sadly its very probable he will get sick again, as i didnt give the long term solution, my bad. I trust God will do something about it because i didnt...

1-Foods that you can eat, less verminoses, virus and bacterias for example
2-Not sleeping with relatives, not having a son with problems
3-Not sleeping with everybody... TSDs
4-If touching a corpses and not cleaning yourself... skins desieses
5-Drinking blood... alot of desieses
6-Not killing animals the right way, eating organs... you will eat heavy metals and other bacterias, virus, intoxications....
alot other health tips...
all the sins is possible to know what happens just by thinking in the social e mental and physical effects

And the one i realy realy like:
1-Knowledge: when you dont have knowledge about something important and you pray and find the answer. I treat missing knowledge as sickness as i found some cures that was not supposed to exists for my loving ones. This one is hard to explain but its just like that. You pray and rest almost like forget about, then you find stuff. Probably because you give your mind more opportunities to look for other unbiased ideas. Although i like to think it has something to do with God directing the information to you find it, but cannot confirm it, so...

Dont get me wrong this people are realy sick, needing help and only "giving space" to the one who will do the right thing will cure then. Doctors will never cure then as they only act at some very limited physical level and sorcery and meditation made then sick. Also doctors must keep its honor with the other doctor, so they never try something new. They keep limited at the instuctions to cure some sickness even if its not the best option.
I have to say that doctors cures sickness if you know they can cure something you have, please go ask then. As i see God gives the knowledge that works in reality, as he did with Jesus, so use all the knowledge we have. Also doctors have agendas too, so be careful. Choose one wisely.

And i dont know about, broken arm, flu, blind, death, heart, brain, etc.. a lot of then God already reveled the cures to the doctors although politicians uses some of it for the evil.

This guy do something else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o_YuLoB-oI
i dono if it is true, its a video and could be a trick, he claims its true. I cant tell if its fake but it looks real, but i dono i have my doubts.

This all came from one religion cristianity even though pastor have agendas, theology have agendas, they dont do exactly like the bible says but still get results.
So even with all the miss-interpretation and agendas, even doing partially what the bible says, you get results. Thats why there so many "Benny Hinn"s that get some results. They have alot of problems but still doing something that the bible says to do, they do have some results. And make us laugh at other that didnt, hehe.

What i take from this is, even if i know correctly only one line of the bible, i will have results from it! Thats is easy hehe.

Thats what i know about it, still too limited but it is something.

Oh about heart condition:
This one i still have difficulty believing it as i dont have an explanation but i am going to tell you because it happened with 2 people very close to me.
We have a friend that is very sincere with God. Always do what he knows is the right thing, his name is Massao he from Japan japanese. He had to go to surgery fo fix his heart, i didnt know that.
Coincidentally in the hospital he went a uncle was working there as doctor, he is atheist.
One day this uncle came to my family and asked: What happened with your friend in the hospital? How did he do that?
Ower answer: What happened? What hospital? Is he at the hospital?
Uncle: He was doing a heart surgery and the heart doctor was looking at the camera and started screaming "WHAT IS HAPPENING? THE HEART IS HEALING IT SELF! CAME SEE, EVERYBODY COME HERE! IT IS GLUING IT SELF TOGETHER! LOOK!!!" and he asked for all the doctors to see that.

After that we went to see Massao. He was fine, looking very well as nothing happened. When we asked he said he didnt know. He went to the hospital. In the surgery room he asked to pray before the surgery and lied down. After he woke up the doctor said he was healed. He didnt even known what happend until days after the event.

My uncle is still atheist and hates even more God, haha. Massao is living very well. And i am trying to figure out what happened.

I dont like to tell this because i dono what happened but as this events happened, i felt like saying it.

Sincerily, its magic for me until i figure it out.
1-It might be a rule i dont know and i cant confirm it.
2-It could be Massao s mind in right track.
3-It could be God doing the surgery.
4-It could be something random
To much hypothesis without replication... I fell lost in this one as i cant figure it out.

Thats why its important to have people reading it, even if they change what they thought at first reading. I cant figure out everything by myself. People have different skills, different backgrounds. They see things that one cant. If smart people asked the right questions, even if only to think about it, it could help develop new rules about reality. Something that is tangible, easy to understand, and doesn't break like shitty philosophy. "Everything is Relative", "brain in bottle", "Evolution", "Multi universe", "Energy", "Ghosts and Spirits", "Parallel universe", "Death is the end", "Life has no meaning" and so on...
I avoid at all costs everything that doesn't conform to the reality.
So I am here, you are there. You can touch, fell, see or hear, so it is there. This happened so its was real. If might have happened it must be confirmed. Cant confirm, probably doesn't exists, until confirmed. Figuring out if it is a trick or real. Things like that, no bs. Being sincere to yourself and not fooling your own mind.

The events are like a light bulb.
For some people, if you ask "what is that?" some might say "Tomas Edson invented." and thats enough for then, just like the answer "God did it",
for others it might be "This thing is magic! It comes light from it." and that's all they know about it.
For some "It grows there" like evolution does and its fine if you want to ignore the complexities of it and the missing proves of the statement.
Also there are people who says "it was allways there, nobody made it" and thats too shallow to me.
I almost forgot the ones who says "this light bulb doesnt exists" even if its infront of then shinning like the sun, hot as fire, and thats because they have agendas and fooling people is part of it.
For me i say, "ok this thing exists, ok someone invented it as it is very complex but how it works? What can i do with it? Is it all that exists? Is there anywhere else i can find this thing? Why its there? Why it is doing that? How can i make one too? What else can i do with it? Whats its requirements for it to work?" and i go one and on...
I recognize its existence and its complexities, who invented it, who discovered it first, who talks about it, the people that tries to explain it the best they can, the ones who is trying to do something that i am not, the ones who have results... trying not to limit myself in my own biases.
Also there are the ones who fakes because of their agendas... thats why i always try to figure out if what is happening is what the person is saying... Thats the sincerity with yourself...
About the topic everybody likes, even me, the time when they fake it and we get know it, hehe!
This one is classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgH6Dm53cjI then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH-zWVh_0YA so funny.

So not everything works and not everything doesn't work.
Surprisingly somethings actually work very well. But as somethings are fake we could think everything is fake, but in reality its not all fake. They are wrong in something and doing correctly about others. They know some stuff i don't, and fooled me at others, i dont blame then i blame me for rejecting everything or accepting everything. Maybe they are beign sincere with then selves or not. So the one i blame is me and my mind, my reality that is not complete.

Its like this dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o_YuLoB-oI
Maybe this event happens or part of it at least. I wish he did that with someone in bikinis, so i could see her legs growing. But not everything happens as i would like it to be. Maybe there are other videos.
Can he do it with fingers? Or it works only with legs? He does that with arms too. Does it works for hair? What is the requirements? Who did it first? As it is very complexe someone invented it. Maybe its a rule we dont know yet and we can learn from it. If its a trick how he does it? Some times its like Moses in egypt, people tried to expose him, but the things they did wasnt even close to what Moses did. So many HUGE differences, and they do it just because they have agendas or biases that they need that event to not exists.

Other times the events are just like TEA, my mother says to drink it to get better and "i know" it wont work as water with grass cant cure, and "i know i am right about it". Then after studying the chemicals in the plants i see i was always wrong and my mother was always right without knowing why they work. Because of my sincerity with myself, i start to "believe" or trust that tea works as now i know how it works. After that i start to rethink in everything my mother knew and works without knowing why, and started cry alot asking sorry to her as i was always wrong and that i thought she was dumb and for making fun of her. But thats me. Just like the bible always did it to me, so much time wasted thinking it was wrong that i cant have it back.

Sorry for writing so much and thanks for asking. I have fun talking about knowledge. If i said something that wasn't clear because of my english or the ideas wasnt clear, please ask me that i will rewrite it.
There is so much more... this is just a thin layer when you read the bible... i know much more now that i did before and i made so many mistakes in my readings but step by step i am correcting it. The reality, the rules, is so much stronger now, so much bigger then the schools teach (alot agendas in the schools by the way). So many other options. So many explanations to the events that i used to reject as i thought i knew everything about it. And now i can use the knowledge to avoid sickness, have the aswers to most common questions, my health is better, life is better, family is better and finaly i know what is heaven like as all that is described in the bible is true the future that it describes also is. As it never lied, i dont have a reason to not expect what it says its going to happen to each one of us.

I wonder if you know about other cures that worked. Do you know any other cure that worked? Events are collections to me, i collect then, they help solve problems and do things to help people, for the people who are lost with broken realities thanks to the ones who fooled then. They help discover who is faking some or part of events. To understand what is happening and how i can replicate then to help others and myself.
Today i talked with a friend about the Massaos case. And he just made a super fast hypotesis "If you realy want something that is not even close to what it could be, you could see how his nutrition is or if he is taking another medice for any other conditions he has, but i never heard of anything like it."
That is nothing close to auto healing heart event and i dono how it could affect the event, but it is a start in some direction...
The point is, there is always something that could make the event possible and a start is a start. The rules are the rules, maybe a new rule, i mean a rule we dont know about it yet. That little hypotesis proves to me that events in the bible are possible to replicate we just dont know how to do it yet and need to think about it. The timing to it happen with a close friend, in a hospital, at a sirjury, with my uncle working in that hospital and he came to us aking what happened THESE is the impossible things to replicate. Everything connected in such a way that it could happen just like it did, is surely Gods works. When you think about it you can say it is just a coincidence, or recognize its complexities and details and see that it is statisticaly impossible to happen if someone is not managing it.
When i think about Massao s case: every single step, everything he learned throw his life, every interaction with other people and with other events, every single little thing could have changed the event. If was not made exactely like he did could have change Massao s way, or changed my Uncle s way, and this event wouldn t happen, that is the same for everybody in hospital too and for their ancesters too, this picture is so massively huge and so detailed that no one can understand it complely but God.
Another big thing is that it happened first at the Bible and people think that it cant happen or it is a "miracle" as they dont know how it happened but when sincere, creative and smart people think about it they always figure it out that it is possible, then we can replicate. So the source of this knowledge is the bible and it is not another fantasy story. Thinking about it, the social network, google search engine and banks can predict some types of behaviour when you study statistic of big data, neural network algorithms, kmeans, deep learning, boltzman machine, centroids, perceptron. If they can find solutions to predict people, God, that knows alot more then they do, is able to predict milleniums. If i only have a name, pictures, and videos to the president of social medias for example that i never met, so i have to believe in images and news that this people exists and that they control the social media. So the bible is just like that, it is like the videos, the pictures and the news, but its is a book and that book is to know Someone that controls everything! I never heard Him in person before also i never heard the owners of any social media in person before.

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