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Random Avatar Rotation
As it's my 1st thread, I would love to say, Hi to All

1. Hosting supports PHP and htaccess Rewrite Mod
2. Small PHP file downloaded from here
3. Images suits Avatar standard dimensions (100x100 px) with the same extension

Preferred Extensions are PNG or GIF, because it supports transparent background

1. Create a Directory called [The Directory] (folder in server)
2. Upload Images to [The Directory]
3. Upload The PHP file (rotate.php) to [The Directory]
4. Create .htaccess File in [The Directory] with the following code :

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^[Avatar Name].[Extension]$ /rotate.php

1.New Avatar Image for every reloading
2. Many Avatars as many as you want

1. Some sites doesn't accept the [Created Image] (try to chmod all files to 777)
2. Some sites uploads avatar from the URL to their server (it won't work if there wasn't direct linking to the [Created Image]

Q:How it works?
A: type [Your domain].[Anything]/[The Directory]/[Avatar Name].[Extension] in your Avatar URL
[Image: rkhfn.png]

Q: Is there another way to call the Avatar Image without revealing [The Directory]?
A: Yes, put the following code .htaccess file placed in your parent directory:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^[Avatar Name].[Extension]$ [The Directory]/rotate.php

[Created Image] = image created by rotate.php file
[Avatar Name] = any name you choose
[Extension] = same as uploaded images' extension
[The Directory] = avatar images' folder
[Your Domain].[Anything] = example.com or example.org

Live Example : My Avatar (two images only)

Many Thanks to the coder for such a useful feature and all I did is presenting a new way of using it Big Grin

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