(REQ) The Tale of Baby Moose
This is a short where somebody redid the narration for the original Moose Baby short, but instead of calling him “Moose Baby," they call him “Baby Moose."
Why was such a thing produced? Were they focus grouping the two options in different test markets? Is “Moose Baby” some sort of horrible slur in non-English speaking markets? Were they blowing through absolute mounds of cocaine at the Moose Baby studios?
No matter what, it’s an incredible historical oddity that fortunately found its way into the hands of the only group of people on the planet who would care about it. Thirteen years after we riffed that wet rat on stilts, Moose Baby, we’re riffing the same short but where the narrator says “Baby Moose” instead of “Moose Baby.” If that doesn’t sound like the greatest thing on Earth to you: A) What the hell are you still doing reading this? B) Please join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for The Tale of Baby Moose.
Isn't it in this thread? - https://pirates-forum.org/Thread-REQ-Moo...by%2Bmoose
(Jul 14, 2023, 16:44 pm)hitzjeff Wrote: Isn't it in this thread? - https://pirates-forum.org/Thread-REQ-Moo...by%2Bmoose

Oh no. They are different. I mean... I dont like that they did this but both are the same except they refer to Moose Baby as Baby Moose in this. They are different though with different jokes.
Tale of Moose Baby - HD Medium Smile  (The new one.)


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