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[REQ] Aladdin
Thank you peephalk!
Thanks Peephawk!
Peephalk, don't ever change. Thank you!!
Thank you!

I just want to mention how creepy it is that searching "disney channel 1990 aladdin" on youtube returns the full movie itself, the trailer, and NOTHING else. Like, no one has reviewed or reacted to this apparently.

Anyway, this is hilarious! Thank you again!

EDIT: Oh wait, searching "disney channel 1990 aladdin review" on google returns basically nothing of value or opinion. That's really spooky

@ eremos,

If any of this will help out ......... 

The reason your having trouble finding movies is because there taking and locking and changing our movies  

Netflix just edited Back to the future 2  , and Disney edited Splash , what they did to the 4K release of Batman 1989, let alone the Editing that DA PLUS did to the Simpsons  and so on, I have talked about this alot on my post and even posted examples etc. 

I'm told by people on here that they dont care as long as they can watch something in 480p or better  

There is alot more to it and why this is going on way to much to really list and go into here, but if you would like a link or two to send you down that rabbit ... lol 

as always let me know thoughts or what have you 

Edit :  The 1943 Batman Serial very much a edited version on DVD and Bluray vs the VHS
So I'd feel weird spouting my Bona-Fides to you-all because outside of this community I have rarely seen so many experts of shitty movies...

But honestly, so much of my life has been spent enjoying(?) terrible productions, and especially watching professional comedian professionals give it the treatment...

What the absolute-fuck is this? I'm strapped in and ready for this lmao.

Thanks for posting this.
This is basically what the British call a "panto" with all the sex jokes taken out.
Hello Again 

@ Eremos, 

I have a Edit to make from my last post 

due to out cry from the Netflix community they restored BTTF 2 & DA PLUS did the same with the simpsons 

With any luck if this out cry keeps up we may get our movies back, 

Thank you peephalk!
When I saw the poster for this on the Rifftrax site I just assumed it was some old B movie--I didn't expect a god-awful made-for-tv musical from 1990. This thing is so incredibly bad it almost riffs itself--I really doubt they needed to work hard writing the jokes for this one. Thanks for the upload but...wow...I still can't believe what I just saw.

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