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Please Identify Subtitle
Even with being a long-time member of this forum, I honestly don't know where to put this; perhaps if I am told where I should put this, there will be no more incidents like this again.


For aesthetic purposes, I want to identify the font face of this subtitle shown below:

[Image: 84ZybA3.png]

You want to know the font of the pic in the link full of ads?

It's called, I'm a douche sucker, and for future reference, a post like this should be placed in the void.
(Sep 11, 2016, 05:31 am)joew771 Wrote: You want to know the font of the pic in the link full of ads?

I am sorry, I will change the link.

Better language is more necessary though.

EDIT: Explanation: I lost sight of the fact that my ad-blocker took out the ads for the page and that not everyone uses ad-blockers. I am very sorry. Will note that for future reference. Still, please help me identify the font of the subtitle.
Not enough information.

If it looks different in other players check their settings to see which fonts they are using.
While you're in there try other fonts.
Is it a hard subtitle or soft? i.e. can you turn it off?

It's not Pragmatica (but if you don't get any better solutions it's very similar).
It's from a DVD copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation that I borrowed from the library, so it is a soft subtitle.

For future questions of this type, where should I post them?

EDIT: You know what? Perish the question. I have found a good alternative that looks like the font I was looking for.

EXPLANATION: I was ripping a TNG Season 1 DVD to my hard drive using MakeMKV to burn the episodes on a disc. Don't ask why. The software managed to rip three episodes of the five I was looking to rip. . Anyways, the last two didn't make the list, as the disc was defective (this always happens with library material since it's used so many times), so I had to download them off The Pirate Bay. They came with external subtitles, but I didn't like how they used a crappy font that was Verdana. I had no font that matches the font that was with the first three episodes (i.e. the font that I liked, see the picture I uploaded), and my hard drive did not have those fonts.

Anyhow, I found what I was looking for: the Roboto font. Just do a Google and you'll find it. It's the same font that WWE.com uses for their webpage text and it looks like the one found in the episodes of the first three episodes I successfully ripped.

Thank you everyone for the help, especially joew. His words are harsh, but I shouldn't have linked to an ad-supported image site. He gave me a heads-up. Good for you, man.

OK, cancel the question.
As it's soft my guess would be that it's the media player you are using which is choosing the font, so google around for the specs and you might get lucky.

[Here is fine. If it's a software player you're using, Apps/SW would also be OK. Or, if it's a hardware player, HW.]
I thought DVD also used hard subtitles (hard as in they are image based, not text based)
The digit '9' appears to be different. So it might be some other font.

It is quite possible it is a custom font.
Any info from the DVD box would help (Eg., DVD company name, release date), unless you are satisfied with 'Roberto' Wink

['Identifiy the font', in 'Arts, Design & Photography' forum would also be ok.]
Well, the library just cuts out the inside packages of the DVD's pockets where the episodes are listed, and puts them into a DVD binder.

Remember, the item is the Season 1 anthology of the Star Trek TNG series.

Kind of a low-budget thing to do, but I dare not question the wisdom of what libraries do with their materials.

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