Poll: What do you use to catch/record your TV series?
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PVR vs. Internet for getting TV Series
Hey guys,

I haven't been using cable TV for ten years, but I have found the Internet to be reliable for getting old TV shows.

How many of you still rely on a non-Internet plan to get your recent TV shows like Pretty Little Liars or Game of Thrones?

I am well aware that people can download TV shows ahead of its broadcast schedule.

Me, I've been relying on The Pirate Bay and public libraries for full TV packs and found them equally valuable.

So begs the question: when you catch/record your favourite TV show, do you use your PVR boxes (or VCRs, if you still use them) or a high-speed Internet connection?
I like using the internet for recording popular tv shows. I can admit this is because if my internet connection which doesn't have downtimes. Its a 20mbps though. I use pvr when am busy. However pvr records large files which take time to encode into smaller files. I would recommend we all use the internet for tv shows, atleast it's always updated unlike pay tv which repeats most of it's programmes. I hope i have contributed something.
As for me, in my world, cable TV, VCR or any other subscriber's stuff besides internet remains synonymous to cable TV, because the market penetration of such is extremely restricted; limited service providers operate within a larger layer of another. However, thanks to the internet, w/o which i might still have been residing on the stone age. There is virtually nothing to have access to popular TV shows internet.

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