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Ordering something from eBay
Also check delivery methods; I once bought a digital watch for US$ 70 on eBay, but seller sent it by 1st Class Express Air UPS and that service pre-paid all taxes for me, requesting that I forwarded them the money as soon as possible. Unsurprisingly, taxes in Banana Republics usually amount for 200% (or much more) of the goods price, leaving me no choice but pay much more than the watch was worth.
(Aug 09, 2020, 21:54 pm)RobertX Wrote: EDIT: By the way, RodneyYouPlonker, were you able to drag the swindler's balls through the dirt by calling for legal action? It does seem to be necessary since he's being a scammer. These people shouldn't even have a computer or an eBay account.

Best to always just check all the feedbacks of people you buy from.  It was fairly simple with me with the motor mechanic guy I just opened up a case in ebay.  It didn't take very long and I got the money back.  I found out who he was on Facebook and I could see his pictures on there even could see a picture of the computer that he was stripping down.  I only wanted the ram from it but you could see the whole machine I think he was doing some sort of upgrade.  Thing is though you don't always have to jump to conclusions because sometimes things happen like there would be somebody sick or maybe even a death in the family and that might be why somebody doesn't post something or maybe somebody goes away on holiday or vacation.

Best thing to do if there's a problem then visit the Ebay forum and ask for help there and you can specify what's happened on their forum.  That's what I did it was resolved fairly simple.  Always a good idea to contact the seller first and see what happens give them a bit of time to reply first.  Ebay can be good though.  Usually power sellers always add the tax if buying overseas usually those people do it all the time so they know what they are doing.
OK, give me a while to stay in this thread.

As per your advice, RodneyYouPlonker, I checked the guy's reputation. He has almost one thousand positives and two negatives.

Did he fake those? Is this too good to be true?
(Aug 11, 2020, 01:32 am)RobertX Wrote: OK, give me a while to stay in this thread.

As per your advice, RodneyYouPlonker, I checked the guy's reputation. He has almost one thousand positives and two negatives.

Did he fake those? Is this too good to be true?

Sounds totally legit to me.

Also another thing you want to try.  If using Ebay and you find that something isn't right or you don't receive your item then make sure you open a Paypal case.  It's much quicker and you'll get your money back faster.  Paypal is very good and you have lots of time to open a case if that's necessary.  It's a good way to make sure you get what you want as a buyer you have rights and it's a contract of sale so therefore if you don't receive then just make sure you contact them and open the case and then escalate it when the time is right and you'll be sure to get your money back.  I have had a few dealings with Ebay that went wrong on one occasion I had something which I made a mistake on and yes I did lose money but it was totally my fault I should have been more careful what I was buying.  I do like Ebay a lot Robert but just be careful what you buy make sure you make the right choice and not the wrong choice.  Whether buyer or seller it's all the same you have a certain responsibility as a contract to what you are entering into.  Always read the item description first and make sure you're aware of what you are getting involved in.
ebay has some of the best booksellers. i've purchased many books in very good condition hard bound with dust jackets for under 3 EUR 4.75 USD with free shipping (i always use that as a filter.) i don't know how they make any money. if you like to bid on auctions you should snipe! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auction_sniping
i use JBidwatcher software and it works great.
All right guys, thanks!
everyone thats used Fleabay has a story of how they got ripped off on something..item never turned, up / wrong item etc and ebay support sucks so if you can buy item same price from somewhere else i would

yes you can get Customs charges on top of what you pay if the item is sent from another country, it can be 10-20% of the item cost
Just made a decision: I won't buy from them for now.

The reason being is that I don't need the item and based on what I am told about custom charges, I am shying away from it.

Thank yhou WW3hasstarted and RodneyYouPlonker for telling me horror stories about additional charges that may come when I receive the item, and I will not be going there, at least for now.

Now I am going to play some tennis.

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