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Hey guys I am a longstanding fan of tpb but every now and again I enjoy going to other trackers for a change of scenery. I would specifically like to find nice onion site trackers but there doesn't seem to be any english ones, or really any english much of anything on the onion sites. If anyone has any onion pirate links(english trackers) that would be awesome.
i think the reason why there are few .onion tracker to be found is because, p2p over the Tor network is not stable/fast.

but here is one that you can use

You have to have Tor installed to use the above tracker.

And the one below, you can use without Tor installed.


i've also tried torrenting with Tor, and it was agonizingly slow. 
I didn't mean literal like udp or http trackers my apologies I wasn't even aware that that was possible, I meant like thepiratebay.se or kat.cr or seedpeer.eu since they index torrents I tend to refer to them as trackers
if you mean a .onion address for tpb it is
A tracker is not a site that you visit to find torrents to download.  TPB is not a tracker.  KAT is not a tracker.  Those sites are called torrent indexes.

Trackers are something your torrent client talks to to find other peers.  They are obsolete and have largely been replaced by DHT.

TPB used to operate a tracker. KAT still does (edit: no they don't). 

(Sep 12, 2015, 10:54 am)Joker__TPB Wrote: i think the reason why there are few .onion tracker to be found is because, p2p over the Tor network is not stable/fast.

These are two unrelated things.  You are lumping trackers in with p2p just because they are used with bittorrent.  However, communicating with a tracker isn't the same thing as downloading via bittorrent.  Yes, p2p (or any kind of movement of large amounts of data) is painfully slow over Tor and an abuse of the network.  It is entirely possible to operate a .onion tracker; it just wouldn't make a lot of sense given DHT.

I suppose if you were an index trading in private torrents that would be a consideration, since without a tracker, those torrents cease to function.

Yes, this is all nitpicking, but given this thread is going nowhere because people are using terms wrong, it is an important distinction.

So, back to the OP, the question is are there any .onion torrent indexes.
http://gotorrent.net - search for open trackers

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