Not yet 18. But this really scares me. Opinions?
(Aug 31, 2017, 22:43 pm)contrail Wrote: If you want peace sometimes you gotta break the bank (of dad). Moving to US to study might be an option to pursue...

Would any sane minded young woman REALLY chose to study in the USA?. With respect, Trump has made your nation toxic. I've uncles living in the US 40+yrs and even them are saying "don't travel".

What a beautiful country destroyed in months by an idiot.
Yeah, try Switzerland if your that worried. Not too far from Ireland what do you think.

Nice comparison:
My Dad was an System Engineer (Don't ask) for 2 yrs in Switzerland a few years back. We holiday in Switzerland, Norway and Italy every year. I still can't see why?
Just his preference of choice. I think maybe because those countries offered him something his country could not provide such as security from that card.

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