North Korean Films
(Feb 13, 2024, 13:54 pm)ill88eagle Wrote: Theres a Danish journalist, Mads Brugger (the ambassador, cold case hammaskjold and more), who did two docus about north korea. In the first one, "The Red Chapel" He travels to NK with two korean/danish youngsters, one is a comedian, the other a spastic. They go there by invite through the Danish/north korean friendship association. You get a decent look at North Korean culture from the inside, although what they are allowed to do and film is very very limited. And of course having a spastic perform is a huge taboo (they are shipped to hidden camps there).  Our own GCJM uploaded a rip Smile

Second one was relased on netflix I believe. After the Red Chapel, some crackpot dane contact Mads and said he would like to try to infiltrate the danish/north korean friendship association and see how deep he could go inside the rabbit hole. And deep he went. I think its 6 episodes with insane hidden cam footage of corruption, gun smuggling, embezzlement, you name it Smile

Oh I remember these Heart The KFA has some banger propaganda on there site.

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