New torrents take too long to be indexed by search engine
Sometimes torrents are indexed by search engineĀ fast and sometimes it takes days making new releases invisible unless you are browsing the category.

Would be nice to see it fixed in futureĀ  Wink

Tracker stats got similar issue - they either work perfectly or don't work at all, I noticed that if they don't show up in first hour on new torrents then it's usually stays 0 forever.
But that's not that big of an issue.

BTW. Wouldn't it be better if TPB site code was published on github so everyone could work on it for free and make pull requests that would be approved by admin ?
I don't see any reason to not make it open-source, even this forum is running on open-source project - that's why it's working Wink
I'm guessing the indexes are updated as a periodic job and time from upload to appearing in search results is dependent on how close you upload to the update.

It is highly unlikely that will ever change.

The site's code is a dumpster pile of PHP spanning a good decade and would not survive public exposure.

Tracker statistics are covered in another thread.
Makes sense, thanks for info.

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