Need help in downloading premium file from host too.

The file, along with all preceding files in the series (it's a good video series btw., I highly recommend you to grab it, while you can) can be found on quote a few sites and forums, if you Google for the file name file, including

and here:

The text at the bottom says:
If you want find other course and tutorial . You can send mail to: .
We will support for you . Thank You !

It's suspicious, though, that the uploader gives a 'support' email for 1-click host, like they were cooperating. 'support' is deaf, nonetheless.

The site or says in the description it can download premium link from I tried and it didn't work. Their 'support' is of no help, either.

What I really don't understand, however, these forums like, and aren't supposed to operate on the principle - now I quote from the thread: No premium Link allowed !!!!. Seems like no one cares, though.

According to Google Cache, one person already had the same question about this very same file in the Kickass Community. That didn't solve it, either.

I kind of starting not getting how this whole pirating business works, please help!

Alternatively, a way to download premiumized links would be cool too. Some interesting stuff here: All premium Novafiles.
Maybe I posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Maybe no correct section on the forum for this kind of question exists. Or, just nobody knows. It's quote a general question, though.
lies: there were no questions in the op and i don't really get what you are saying either.

so, here is the deal with your filetut link: it wants money in exchange for the file: there is no telling if you will actually get what you want or not. as for the other links you posted... i'm a really lazy and i had to do a lot of clicking just to figure out what it is you wanted and there's still a ton of clicking left to do...

for the stuff that isn't supposed to operate on the principle... dunno what you are talking about. no clue.

so, how about you post an request in the "request forum" and if someone has it and feels inclined to share, they will...
[Meta: This forum behaves differently - and probably only the way you set it up, not how the MyBB engine can work - from most forums, as I cannot quote your post in multiple chunks, forum code turning into WYSIWYG, thanks.]

The big picture #1, however is, there are torrents, which are fine, but in quite a few cases, you can get the latest and greatest, or at least, some of the most interesting stuff via what is called one-click hosting services. Such as the above examples, which are there for example purposes only.

Which brings us to the big picture #2, is, I would just like to get a little insight on this pirating business as a whole: As I said, most of the new and interesting stuff, at least its the way how I find them on Google and reaches me via one-click file sharers, not torrents. The pirate ethics (if there is one, especially if you share your affiliate links on 3rd party forums) still say these files on the one-click hosts should be available as a free download as well, only those pay who wants to get them quicker.

If you want premium download speeds for free, you can start with this comprehensive guide on the Kickass Forums:

[More details when we can figure out how I can quote you here, like I can on most or all Internet forums I'm aware of, thanks!]
Sites where you can download tutorials for programming, graphic design, photography, business, non-fiction books, in audio, video, and ebook formats. You know them. AvaxHome is household name of them offering ebooks, and multimedia content, such as audiobooks and video courses as well.

Stuff gets uploaded by quantity and randomly, but these sites do not seem to be very social, there is no much interaction between uploader and downloader, besides downloader having to click through a bunch of suspicious lings to get to the juicy stuff. Then, you can juggle the slow downloading of content from one-click hosting sites via JDownloader.

Still, how can downloader have a better experience with this kind of content, in the above mentioned content categories? You suggested before that I can try to request here, but admit it: a site like AvaxHome has a much wider selection of content in all niches that most open torrent sites don't have.

What your overview of the situation? How to get better to the source? Usenet? Some invite-only torrent sites? Which ones, if I'm interested in all the above categories and more? That's why invite-only torrent sites are a little bit complicated, because of fragmentation. Somehow I'd still like to have a better overall experience.
Sorry, shit thread, try this before (basically the same question in more broad terms): The business model of audio/video/ebook tutorial download sites, like AvaxHome?
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