NWO/Masonry/CIA/Nazism and Gangstalking.
For those who want to know the truth about NWO/Masonry/CIA/Nazism and Gangstalking.

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So now I wish you a good reading:

Following is what I wrote about what I endure as a real gangstalked person after a brainwashing under Scopolamine by the CIA, the truth about it and the world we live in.
These things must be known and understood.

There are things of great matter that people must know about the NWO. The west, NATO is entirely owned by Freemasonry, every statesmen and media from NATO are officially or not into Freemasonry. There is something of great importance that you must know, it is the fact that the biggest secret of modern Masonry is the preparation and the rise of a fourth Reich, and i repeat it is of great importance that you fully understand this fact, because this is what their so-called "New World Order" is about, the return of Nazism at a gigantic scale. They are so well advanced in this long time programmed agenda that the danger is closer and greater than what we can think.

The duplicity of these wicked people is so evil that it is very hard to fully grasp what they have in mind and how they work. The main tools they did succeed to put in place to achieve their plans is propaganda through entertainment industry, mainly cinema and music, this indoctrination works at the subconscious level by bringing people's brain near a meditative state and poisoning it by implanting satanic idea and insidious Nazi ideology and concepts. After years being exposed to this subliminal and vicious propaganda, the cornerstone to finish the shaping of people's minds to their ends and make them fall into Nazi literature and trap is Internet. Google is a CIA front-end used insidiously to lead the average unhappy and dissatisfied with life man from the west toward Nazism.

That's why in famous TV show like CSI Las Vegas for example, they always have a word to say about satanism and the Joy of Satan, they want you to be curious about it and get attracted into Satanism and Nazism.
In many movies they put their discourse in a conversational background, like a radio playing for example, this is how subliminal messages work, and by repetition it get
implanted into your mind. They put their idea in the mouth of the bad and evil guys and always by repeating this process it subliminally enter your subconscious and you end up thinking this bad guy is right finally. They want you to turn into a rebellious mindset against the society, this same chaotic society they created on purpose for you to embrace Nazi ideology.

Since 1945 they orchestrate the invasion of their own land with terrorists and ancient colonies to create a total mess, from insecurity to terrorist attacks, and much more to punish the western population because Hitler lost the war. The goal of all this is to force a part of this same population to embrace Nazism again. What is terrible is the fact that it is working and they are doing very well.
I'm French and there is not a single day in the french media and TV where they don't talk about Nazism and Hitler, the goal behind this is clear: to keep this ideology alive.
If we want to get ride of something from the past we simply bury it, we don't talk about it everyday without purpose.
Every internal political opposition is faked and controlled by Masonry. They are good actors, they make movies... the entire political scene is a theatrical show to fool the mass. As i said their duplicity is difficult to grasp but once you understand the basics you start to get the whole picture of what they are doing, but it takes time to get in the know. As their motto is "Ordo ab Chaos", understand "Nazism out of the Chaos they created".
They completely mess up with people's mind. As Putin said the west is pedophile and their priests marry homosexuals. Children are sexually disoriented from a young age to the point where they can't even understand if they are male or female.
It's discordant with what I've just wrote but you must understand their duplicity (duplicity is really a keyword), they want full grown men to reproduce with 13yo girls as soon as they have menstruation, they are obsessed with reproduction. They created a discordant society to reach their end by selecting those who fit their ideology, those they turned into racism, those against abortion (even after a rape).

Remember "Operation Paperclip", to make it simpler, the displacement of Nazism to USA. CIA is nothing more than Nazism headquarter.
You know about their "remote viewing program". They developed advanced technologies to the the point where they can anticipate future events, read people's mind and monitor targets remotely. Yes, it's very hard to believe but this is how they always know things that they should not before it happens, September 11 is an example. This is how they succeed to trigger paranoia in one man's mind. They use it to lead psychological torture experiment on human beings and it throw total discredit on whoever dare to talk about it.
This is what their "all seeing eye" symbol is about, it is an advanced technology. Everything from the tiny solar system formed by atoms to the immense solar systems of the universe, even human thought consists of electromagnetic forces and patterns, with advanced technology your thoughts can be read and seen as clearly as you visualize in your mind.
Unfortunatly it is logical that if such a technology landed in human hands it would be used to torture people. You believe it or not, understand it or not. If you don't believe into the existence of the Yeti and tomorrow I show you the Yeti you will find an explanation to confirm your belief that the Yeti doesn't exist... this is how the human mind works, once you have a belief or a conviction you will always find a "rational" explanation fitting your belief whatever you see or hear. Masonry/CIA are specialist in this field and they use long term subliminal propaganda to shape your mind.

For knowing what i know and understanding what i understood I'm persecuted to death day and night since August 9 2012 (On this cursed night I've been drugged and abused by the CIA). They totally destroyed my mind and health to the point where i now suffer from a very severe form of agoraphobia. Once they get on you, they totally destroy your life. What i endure since 11 years now, goes beyond imagination. Human resources and technologies at their disposal to monitor and persecute their targets are limitless.

To gather material evidences against Masonry and their practices is pretty much impossible. If you are not part of them, only a lifetime in the brainwashed west, a very curious mind and years of study possibly help understand what they are up to, but once again it is not an easy task for an healthy mind.
The financial resources of our enemies are immense, as an example Rothschild family is a Nazi family faking being Jewish, and it goes on and on... with so many powerful peoples in any ranks of administrations and institutions to the biggest industries and banks.
Have a look at the case of Gabriela Rico Jimenez freaking out after seeing them practicing cannibalism ,this shit is real, I believe it, while my brainwashing by the CIA I've been asked if I could eat human flesh and drink blood... You can find video of the Queen of UK doing the Nazi gesture when she was young. Every powerful family in the west are in it.

I hope Russia will Nuke every NATO countries as soon as possible. Every Freemasons and Jehovah witnesses must be killed to the last, and it goes the same for all related occult orders (from Jesuits to Scientology and many more), these sadistic beings must be wiped out from earth's surface.

I write this because I started to understand things I was not supposed to and at first like many others i half fell into their trap, especially after the CIA drugged me with Scopolamine and tried to brainwash me into Nazism and so many more things, especially Satanic/Pagan religious beliefs. But they said they would psychologically torture me for the rest of my life in an experiment I was told that from this time I was their guinea pig and my life would be the same as a Guantanamo inmate, it lasted hours and I was very resistant to it, half understanding what was happening to me so it turned out terribly wrong. After that I've had a memory blackout. But I knew I was in a terrible situation, I tried to escape them but it was too late. MK ULTRA is real and is still going. The next day gangstalking started but I was not aware of it, things around me in my daily life got weirder and weirder, I felt oppressed and very anxious, my environment got noisy, stressful and it prevented me to sleep, they fucked up with my job and co-workers and I had to quit.

Soon after one of these scums got in relationship with one of my mother's sister, he came to eat in my house and i went to eat in his house, at first i thought he was there to talk to me and i was attracted by some Nazi ideas, but quickly i realized that these people were totally wicked. He was doing and saying weird shit related to the brainwashing I endured to disrupt my mind, it triggered memory flashback from what I had forgotten because of the Scopolamine and since this time I can't get their faces out of my mind. After that he did spread bad rumors about me and I had to cut link with my family. They can indirectly manipulate your own family to make them think you are mad, they have no limits. Some years later I contacted him to have a talk about it, this scumbag said he didn't know me and had no idea who I am. Their goal is to trigger violent reaction and get you caged.

I've had these scumbags singing "we will hang you with your bowels" under my window at night, this is the kind of stuff they do to scare the shit out of you. Yes gangstalking is real, they use street theater, noise harassment, people coughing, dog barking, cars honking, neighboring making specific noise when you go out or open a window, people having specific conversations near you to disrupt your mind, they switch on/off outdoors lights when you go outside at night. In the summer some shops workers put the fresh food I order in the heat, so I have damaged food, this is how far these bastards go. They even stalk me while driving, many of them have specific plate numbers like 666, 555, 888 etc... their favorite is 88, it stands for HH the eighth letter of the alphabet, it means Hail Hitler, it persecutes you making you feel monitored wherever you go and it makes you sick. They do so much things to drive people insane and to kill themselves if they can't manipulate you to their ends, you have no idea. Any visuals or sounds stimuli repeated everyday turns out to be an unbearable psychological torture. In one house I inhabited the neighbor next to me always played loud discordant music when there was a sunny weather, the bastard was not even listening to it, sometimes he wasn't even at home, they use this kind of shit in Guantanamo. It is very stressful and prevent you from chilling out outside, reading a book or practicing any outdoor quiet activity. I tried to have a talk with some neighbors to ask them not to participate in this shit, I was 2 meter from them, they reacted like if I was not there, like if they did not see me and didn't hear me, expecting violent reaction again. Later they scratched my car.

Half of the stalkers are not even into CIA, Masonry, Jehovah witness or any occult orders, they are just random people who are told lies about you like what you did bad things, or you participate in an irl role play game, or they want to make you quit drugs or any kind of lies, since most people have no fun in their life they are very happy to participate, it makes them feel special, some get paid or awarded with promotion in their jobs, or any little push up to improve their life, this is how they manipulate random people in the street and anywhere around you who are not even affiliated to them and make them to participate to disturb you and destroy your daily life. If someone gives you 10 bucks and tell you all you have to do is to walk in this street and when you are near this guy or under this window all you have to do is to cough or to do any weird thing, most of us would do it...

Since August 2012 I relocated 7 times, it always been the same, the neighboring and shop owners in the area had orders to make my life a living hell. They always have a way to manipulate people around you and make them act to drive you insane. As time pass it isolates you, triggers ptsd, nightmares and agoraphobia... It kills you by stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and it causes faster aging. I used to work, travel and run 10 km everyday, now i can't anymore, they always put people on my road acting weird, faking coughing and stuff like that to make me sick. Now I'm drowned into alcohol and tobacco. If you react violently you get caged.
To have ptsd is a terrible thing, but when the stimuli that created it repeats itself everyday, you can't imagine the nightmare it is.
They destroy your life so much that it is impossible to chill out anymore, you can't even read a book to distract you and evade in imagination, it haunts your mind H24 until the only thought you have in mind is suicide.
If you seek medical help, know that mental institutes are into it and they play with your mind, I experienced it, it made me so sick in 2019 that i went myself
asking for help to heal the ptsd and agoraphobia they inflicted on me. These psychiatrists bastards always had words to say related to the brainwashing I endured (without even me talking about it or giving details) it triggered worst flashback memories making me more sick. I quickly got out, always because of self control and avoiding violent reaction. What they do in mental institutes is evil as fuck. Since 2019 when they succeed to trigger ptsd and agoraphobia, I've never been able to walk outdoors, practicing sports or anything...

When it all started, the first stalkers I've had after me, i could see the fear in their eyes knowing that what they were doing was terribly wrong, like dogs fucking around and find out. But with time knowing it destroys your health, they gain confidence. One on one they are cowards but they know they have backup.
11 Years is a long time, I have so much to say, I remember one of these cowards approaching me and talking about a poor girl who got raped by a black African, telling me indirectly once this girl got raped by a black she will change her mind about black African people, if only you could have seen the jubilation in his evil eyes, this is the kind of situation they want to create to attract people toward Nazism. This is why they mix populations. I've crossed their looks so many times, I can say I've watched the Devil in the eyes, it freezes your blood.

I remember one time I hanged a rope on tree thinking to die, I had some of these scums 200 meters away screaming and singing " do it! do it! do it!", I did, but for some reasons I didn't lose consciousness and suffocate is a terrible thing, i still had the power to unhook me so I did... this is how evil and sadistic they are. To be pushed to commit suicide when you did nothing wrong to deserve it is a terrifying sentence. After that I went to a shop, the shop owner had a message to tell me indirectly that i should have did it... They regularly threaten my life, and push me to kill myself. It is a hard task.

If you are against them and have influence, they kill you in one way or another, JFK, Gaddafi, Michel Collucci for example and so many more, I won't enumerate them all, they are so many, I don't know them all, and there are so much lies on internet about these subjects, about who is into Freemasonry and who is not, who is Jewish and who is not, you can't believe what you read, 90% of what is written on internet are lies. Those who are nobody, like me, get tortured just for the sake of it.
You really must understand that internet is full of lies about Freemasonry, who is or were into it, who was for or against it, just know that Hitler had his Thule Society, he was deep into the occult and it is the same shit modern Masonry is about.
Almost everybody in the entertainment industry are in it, the blacks (most are mixed with white blood in their ancestry and they are all into Nation Of Islam which is an offshoot of Masonry fitting to black people), the Jews, everybody, producers, actors, singers, those who realize the shit they are in and rebel get killed or kill themselves. But most have secured a safe future with great income so... why get out...
I can't count the movies I've watched thinking "but how can we imagine such a wicked scene", the answer is simple it is designed by wicked minds from modern Masonry.
What is funny (or freaky in my situation...) is the fact that most people have no clue about these shit, they are just zombie-like, even those participating in gangstalking, most of them have a 2 digit IQ, they are like NPC in a video game.

Every website and post about gangstalking on reddit 4chan etc... talking about v2k and shit are just honeypots, it is designed to attract or gangstalk people and discredit what real gangstalking is about. I've crawled internet, the only post I've found that seems legit about gangstalking is this one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/co...rm_to_you/
But I can tell you it goes much further...
I found also this one: https://krlich.com/ but i did not investigate and if the CIA/Masonry don't want you to film them you won't, so it's probably one of their offshoot wicked sect.
Conspiracy website like vigilantcitizen.com talking about illuminatis and shit are honeypots to trap you. They drive you mad or attract you indirectly into freemasonry and Nazism (and I don't talk about their hollow earth bullshit and so on...). Half of the posts and comments on every boards are made by them, the whole internet is a trap, they play with your mind, wake up.
They use internet to trick you into the belief that there are some evil jews behind the scene when in fact it is all orchestrated by Modern Masonry from the 20st and 21st century. That's why they always talk about Jews everywhere and apply censorship on those who talk wrong about them, It is all faked to make you question this subject and create rage inside you to attract you into Nazism. Look at their painting in the Denver airport with the Nazi soldier, you will understand. They intend to wipe most of us one day or another. Know that Israel leaders are in it and the Mossad works hand in hand with the CIA.
For all the retards who are into it and don't even know half a shit, understand that Nazism is mainly based on any sort of experiments on human beings, and they can justify any kind of horror they inflict to their lab rats by their ideology "for the good of all", it's all bullshit, they are just sadistic evil cowards with a disturbed curious mind.
Know that there are no CIA defectors or ex Freemasons whistleblowers, once they are in, it is for life, all they do is spreading disinformation or stuff they want us to know or believe. Know that their determination goes beyond rational conception and only lies come out of their dirty mouths. Real whistleblowers end up like Julian Assange...
The only field where the so-called "evil Jews" have power is the porn industry and they are financed by Masonry, ironical, isn't it ? ?
People like David Icke, Rael, Infowars Alex Jones are in it too, they just have been given a role to play in this giant dirty psychological war game.
When one of you burst out of anger and go rampage killing innocent people they laugh about it. You are just a collateral damage, they don't care about sacrificing their citizens and cage you.

No post on the whole internet contains more truth than this one.
It is a bit disorganized and could have been better written but it is a difficult task to gather your thoughts and write them properly after 11 years of daily persecutions.
What I wrote can sound like a complaint... but it is a testimony.

I was a normal person and never did anything wrong, I had normal dreams like to have a sweat home, listening chill-out music watching the sunset on a beach with a girlfriend after a good diner. It won't happen. Now i eat watching beheading videos dreaming it's me butchering them, they turned me into a traumatized monster. They destroyed millions of lives and they have more power than ever, it makes me vomit. The disgust, contempt, rage and hate I have against them is bigger than whatever one can imagine.

I dedicate this post to all the suffering in the west, for all teenagers who kill themselves, to the the poor, the homeless, the jobless, the raped, the junkies, the mads, the schizophrenics and persecuted people used as guinea pig caged in a nutter house, the lost souls not knowing what to do with themselves so much the west is fucked up, the mass killers, the inmates psychologically destroyed, all those who suffer and get their lives wasted, no organization, no ideology has more blood and suffering on their hands than modern Masonry, CIA, Nazism.
I bring you the truth on a silver plate, fuck this experiment, fuck it.

They own Internet, they will pollute my post or delete it, I won't even check it after posting this, it has to be read, copy/paste and share the most you can, spread it if you can and believe it.


Some days I try to get out, to quit smoking and do some physical exercise, but they worsen the harassment, so I always end up with alcohol and tobacco, they just want you dead. I don't know how many we are enduring this, but we are a few, just isolated, it is their terror tactic, isolation coupled with torture is a terrible thing.
Most of us are RH negative blood type. They torture us because we have been judged psychologically unfit or too much rebellious and uncontrollable to fit their nasty ideology.
Sometimes they subliminally and indirectly push you into the beliefs that by doing certain things and not doing some others, then they would stop, but it's always lies and mental manipulations, they never stop. All they want is to totally disorient you and break your mind expecting you to develop a Stockholm Syndrome. It never happened with me. They will torture me till my last breath.

I will quote one friend "fear overrun small minds".
I will quote the bible even if I'm not a bible reader "Deuteronomy 27:24" and "Luke 23:34". But I shit on God and I don't forgive.

Tenemos que arrancarles el corazón a estos putos ahora.
New New New World Order... 4-life!
Please refrain from annoying the animals, sir.  Particularly the wackadoodles.
(May 18, 2023, 07:39 am)CaptButler Wrote: Particularly the wackadoodles.

I feel that's a little unfair if I'm honest, I believe that the OP makes a lot of sense and it's only because you know very little on the subject you are quick to snub their discussion...

Which is more or less what I would have expected from the likes of Butler anyway, next time try and understand more about the world around you and that actually some of these things might be more the truth than what you realise...
All one needs to know about Rodney's worldview:


I don't see a problem with Putin I think the guy is okay in my book.

Oh yes, sooooooooo worldly-wise.  Hard pass.
This forum ain't shit. I'm banned from everywhere. 4chan, reddit, irc, discord everywhere, respect to the owner.
What I wrote is the truth.
You may want to seek psychiatric help.
We have a scientific phrase here, which is labeling the content you've exposed at its finest: void food
In Newspeak, this would be summed up in one word: bullshit.
(Jul 13, 2023, 02:26 am)ZapmeRowsdower Wrote: You may want to seek psychiatric help.

(Jul 14, 2023, 06:00 am)RobertX Wrote: In Newspeak, this would be summed up in one word: bullshit.

Remember this thread and let's see by 2035 who talked bullshit and who need psychiatric help.

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