NEWS Naked Ukrainian Man & His Severed Head
A recent nut job must of been released from the asylum into the Ukraine recently....

Quote:A naked maniac covered with intestines went on a rampage in Ukraine — hitting parked cars with his father’s severed head in front of horrified passers-by, according to a report.
“A naked and bloodied man wrapped in guts and holding the head of a man came out of the front, sat on a bench and lit a cigarette,” a neighbor in Odessa told local media, the Sun reported.

Shocked residents called police, who rushed to the scene and found the naked psycho, 30-year-old Dmitry Ponomarenko, according to the outlet.
Holding the decapitated head of his father, Ponomarenko declared to cops that “he is a god who is not worshipped,” local media reported.

Police found the headless corpse of 53-year-old Igor Ponomarenko lying on a bed in the apartment.
In the kitchen, they discovered the sliced and gutted body of family friend Aleksandr Demchenko, 32, the Sun reported.
What is more shocking? That, or enslaving an entire country, creating money out of thin air then making the peoples poor with a penstroke?

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