Mysterious .pad files in my torrent upload

I just uploaded this torrent:

it has the mp3 files for each audiobook chapter but also some files called like .pad/38201

I can't find these files either on my hard drive or on the torrent when it downloads.

Did I do something wrong here?  Why are these files showing up?

I believe you used BitComet to create the torrent, is that correct?

If so you may read about it here
and here

If I remember correctly there was a setting in BitComet "align file to piece boundary" or something like that. Swapping it would make the additional gibberish go away.
I used qBittorrent v4.4.0 64 Bit
Follow the first link and read to the bottom of the answer. It's listed there.
it is because it is a bittorrent v2 file that you created. qbittorrent v4.4.0 added support for bittorrent v2.

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