Music tracks ....
How can I get the tracks 'without the voice, i mean only tracks ....' of any music? Are there any software to perform this task or any source or anything like that?
How do people get tracks only so they can sing song? 

Look like my question is ambiguous but hope u getting what i am saying.Sorry for that !
No. That's like buying a cake and trying to get the eggs out.

Tracks with the vocals removed are mixed that way.

There are exceptions, but the results are usually less than stellar.
Add instrumental or karaoke to your search terms.
It is possible to remove vocals from any song but you will lose quality as well as it works on certain frequency and will also delete some of the non-vocal sound.

Many years ago I had a plugin for Winamp that could do this.

There are probably more specialized tools for this that will do it better but won't point you to any as I didn't use them.
The following guide explains how to remove voice from songs using a very known free software called "Audacity"

You can download Audacity from the following link

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