Manual Testing Interview Questions
Hi everyone,

I am preparing for a manual testing interview and I am looking for some help with the following questions:

What are the different types of software testing?
Explain functional testing.
Explain non-functional testing.
Mention a few advantages of automated testing.
What is regression testing?
What is test harness?
Differentiate between positive and negative testing.
I have also attached the link to the page with the interview questions on manual testing. Can anyone help me with these questions?

Thanks in advance!
How many interviews are you going to have?

Must be a tough job!

Me, I'd say, act natural. Be yourself.

EDIT: Forget it, I apologise.

EDIT: Forgive me again, but I am curious: why do you have so many job interviews? What kind of job are you applying for? I'm not trying to be condescending, I'm just puzzled.
Well, the link that you have mentioned itself has almost all answers. Well, I have checked all of your questions and find this post ( ) over the internet where answers of your every question is published in detail.

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