[MSFS2020] FS2Crew – Fenix A320 Edition
The ultimate “Must Have” crew simulation for the Fenix A320 for MSFS has just landed!

Featuring the latest updated version of the Airbus SOPs, this new crew simulation custom designed for the MSFS Fenix Airbus is one of our best yet!

It features the latest FS2Crew advances, such as mobile device support and SimBrief Integration.

It also supports Virtual Reality mode out-of-the-box via MSFS Tool Bar integration, along with a host of other exciting features.


• Professional Airbus airline Flight Crew simulator addon for the Fenix A320.


• User assumes the role of the CAPTAIN / PILOT FLYING

• Simulated First Officer assumes role of PILOT MONITORING

• Procedures modeled: REVISED STOCK AIRBUS SOPS

• Voice sets: US, UK, EU (GERMAN)

• PURSER and FA CABIN PAs modeled


• Direct integration into the MSFS on screen Toolbar via the FS2CREW COMMAND CENTER

• SIMBRIEF integration

• Mobile device networking support

• On screen helper panels makes learning the software a breeze: All information needed to fly is now directly displayed on screen via the new INFORMATION CENTER, CHECKLIST ASSIST, FLOWS ASSIST and COMMAND ASSIST PANELS.


• PREDICTIVE CAPTAIN PA system for Button Control users

• New AUDIO system

• Updated speech recognition system for better results and improved recognition

• MANUAL FLOW SELECTOR panel allows users to manually trigger FO flows

• Program is now an .exe that runs outside of MSFS. NO MORE PANEL.CFG EDITS

• Ability to MIX FLIGHT CREW ACCENTS (example, you can pair a British FO with a German Captain)


• New optional interface method: AUTO RESPOND

• Button control actions now accessible via easy DROP DOWN MENU INTERFACE

• Users can access and manually change sound files

• And more!

Current Limits:

• We cannot currently set specific airspeed, heading and altitude values in the Autopilot panel due to current technical limits. When this limit has been overcome, we will update the software accordingly


– Fixed: Jump issue between engine start after start in button control
– Added Time intervals between light switching
– Added Time interval of 1 min after external power is establish in prelim flow
– Added: New option to set efis/terrain stuff during 10k climb/descent flows
– Fixed: Lights after gear down flow
– Fixed: “Clear rad nav” command
– Fixed: “Activate approach phase” command
– Fixed: Simbrief integration
– Fixed: Single engine taxiout command
– Added: New voice commands for departure/approach briefings.
– Fixed: Fo flaps callout after commanding flaps up/1
– Fixed: Approach briefing not saving fields data after reopenning
– Fixed: Landing roll 70 knots callout

*Download Link

Cant find the aircraft in msfs2020... Tried everything... Please help
65 Mb ?!
(Sep 06, 2022, 11:37 am)LakshJ9 Wrote: Cant find the aircraft in msfs2020... Tried everything... Please help

You need to buy FENIX A320 before using this FS2crew version.

Take Note: This is not a FENIX A320 Aircraft. This is add-ons only to simulate First Officer option inside the cockpit.

(Sep 06, 2022, 12:30 pm)pschoen Wrote: 65 Mb ?!

Yes 87gb only
This is the new version 1.1.51

Take note: This is not a FENIX A320 Main Aircraft. Just a add-on only to simulate First Officer in the A320 Cockpit Environment.


– Fixed: Windows/GUI repaint issue
– Fixed: WASM module error message
– Fixed: Neutral call during flight controls check
– Fixed: Wing lights sound
– Fixed: APU on voice command
– Fixed: Flaps 0 call after takeoff
– Fixed: Flows trigger on 2nd leg
– Fixed: TCAS to below in cruise
– Fixed: Packs off option not saved
– Fixed: Packs off takeoffs
– Fixed: Button control takeoff fma callout
– Fixed: Double chime option
– Fixed: FO seatbelts on at tod
– Fixed: Flaps 1 shown in button control after gear up if flaps 1 takeoff
– Fixed: Approach checklist “no dh” set audio
– Updated: Transponder option for IVAO compatibility
– New: “Check the box” voice command
– Added: Option for fo not control gear/flaps now includes spoilers as well
– Added: FO sets terrain radar during taxi and off after landing
– Added: FO turns off cstr after landing

boss , can reupload the file again? linik dead
(Nov 30, 2022, 12:17 pm)raf21 Wrote: boss , can reupload the file again? linik dead

Sure no problem here's the link for FS2Crew for Fenix 1.1.93

Download kLink

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