MMF2 really cheap
Hi guys! Just thought I'd let people know that they can get a really cheap LEGAL copy of MMF2 ..
I know there was a thread on here before about v249 and exporter, but can't find it now! So I thought if people want a copy for a couple of £, [[ ONLY TILL THURSDAY 12th dec 2013.. ]] [/size][/font] plus 6 games made using it..
Check this link - Plus some or all money goes to charity ( that can't be bad !! )

Hope this is OK to post! - If not SORRY if I broke any rules.. Blush
Enjoy people..
Ps U can also update to ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 for a reduced £50 from £76 to £26 (BONUS)

Anyway hope this of some help for anyone looking for a start into programming.. Big Grin

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