List of free eBook download sites
could someone post me. a list of sites for free ebooks apart from the usual Gutenberg etc.
Thousands of contemporary ebooks in different languages. Free!
is this the only one
There was about seven pages of book sites on the old SuprBay. I had thought of copying it all to here but decided to just put a link to the WayBack Machine instead. Just be careful about using the hot links within these pages since that will only get you the the archived image from last year. Just copy the links and manually use them.

Archived copy of the Book site thread is at:

Good luck!
#5 is a good one
I use this one. Download speed it's quite poor but still there is a lot of books - same site but with articles - same site but works as a book viewer
(Mar 06, 2014, 11:41 am)ehsan baba Wrote: could someone post me. a list of sites for free ebooks apart from the usual Gutenberg etc.

about 2.000.000 books

This is one where you pay peanuts, 0.01 cent for older books and 0.50 for recent novels. Pay with bitcoin or amazon gift card.
I use this one if I can't find the book for free elsewhere!
I gathered a list (many from the link offered, and many from elsewhere), then I checked most of them and pruned about 20 dead ones, and here it is. Please note, I didn't check all of them, as I have to go and cook dinner)

A custom search engine for ebooks:

Various sites, mirrored at (general, not only books) (Directory of FREE Online Books and FREE eBooks) (but all on the same crappy file hosting site, with restrictions on multiple downloads) (Russian. Hobbies and Crafts = Книги. ХОББИ И РЕМЕСЛА) (Chinese or Japanese site about programming languages) | (need to register) (need to register) (They are blocking U.S. IP addresses, use a foreign proxy to get around it) Library Genesis1M (Chinese site) (Nips - high-resolution scans of the entire book collection "Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, Volumes 0-13", with full-text search and author/title search capabilities) (Scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets) (PDF magazines) (audiobooks) (The Ultimate E-Book Library. They allow private individuals as well as authors to upload their e-books on the website. These books are then made available for everyone). (Language learning) (need to register and then go to eBooks) (specializes in math/science-need to register) (Russian site) (Russian site)*[53] (searches direct download sites (Free Book Spot]] (need to register) (free and legal) (adult fiction and non-fiction stories, but not in e-book format) (a torrent site for ebooks) (large selection of free ebooks, in several different formats) (by far the biggest ebook torrent site - in Russian)

Specialized eBook private trackers. Google them for info (extremely difficult to keep ratio without paying) (impossible to seed anything but the newest stuff)[78][79] (audiobooks)[80][81][82][83][84]

General private trackers have some stuff too, try places like TL or DH and trackers like them.
Reddit's private tracker BaconBits[85] has a nice collection of eBooks too.
Also, don't forget that What.CD and Waffles.FM both have a huge selection of eBooks.

IRC (Don't overlook this)
If you don't know how to use IRC to download books, check out this link[88] or read this:

IRC Guide
You obviously need an IRC client installed, a quick google search should find you a bunch of decent free ones.
Load up the client and then type:
This will connect you to the irchighway server. Once you're on there, type:
/join #ebooks

This will take you into the ebooks channel, which has more than 2.2Terabytes of ebooks for free download. Once you're in, all you have to do to find what you want is to simply type:
@search "Author or book title"
... removing the inverted commas.

You'll get a message saying that your search has been accepted. A few seconds later a searchbot will offer you a file, so accept the download. That will send you a .txt file that's zipped. Extract that and you'll get a list of files. I searched for Lian Hearn and got a list of 147 files. Here's an extract from it:

!bald Lian Hearn - [Tales Of The Otori 02] - Grass For His Pillow .rar - 142.1 KB !bald Lian Hearn - Tales of the Otori 2 - Grass for His Pillow (CO.rar - 355.3 KB !bald Lian Hearn - Tales of the Otori 2 - Grass for His Pillow (ht.rar - 140.54 KB !bald LianHearn-[Otori_01]-Across_The_Nightingale_Floor(v3).rar - 111.62 KB !bald Lian_Hearn-[Otori_01]-Across_the_Nightingale_Floor(v4.0.rar - 115.45 KB !bald Lian Hearn - [Tales Of The Otori 03] - Brilliance Of The Moo.rar - 175.53 KB !bald Lian Hearn - [Tales Of The Otori 04] - The Harsh Cry of the Heron (v1.0) (html).rar - 351.80 KB !bald Lian Hearn - [Tales Of the Otori 05] - Heaven's Net Is Wide (v5.0) (epub).rar - 588.40 KB

Say I wanted to download the first book. I'd copy the text shown below, deliberately removing the file size information (I've been booted for that before ):

!bald Lian Hearn - [Tales Of The Otori 02] - Grass For His Pillow .rar

Then just paste that into the IRC window then press enter. After 2-3 seconds you get a prompt asking you to accept or decline the file.You know how to do the rest.

A tip
If you can get an invite to some of the Eastern and Middle Eastern hosting sites (not torrent sites) you'll find that a lot of content that hits "regular" sites has been there months before. Think China. And then move, cautiously, from there.

Another option Open-source web spider software. You can download web pages and all sorts of stuff and read it offline at your pleasure. This is not another hijacking/troll/off-topic post; you want a book? That's as closest as you can get to replace textbooks or educational material.

If you cannot find what you want and you're willing to pay a little bit (about 2.000.000 books. You pay peanuts, 0.01 cent for older books and 0.50 for recent novels. Pay with bitcoin or amazon gift card.)
Thanks guys for helping with such an exhaustive list of sites.
Yes, thanks! New bookmark.

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