Kiddie shows you recommend
What about just little, defenceless animals like Paddington and Courdoroy?

They make me feel calm. Wink
Hi RobertX   I've modified the quotes of other posters with what I agree with.

(Jul 27, 2015, 05:17 am)EddieXTC Wrote: Series ive watched are

Dragon ball z <- still watchable  ***********************I LOVE IT AND I'm in my 40's.. .My kid got me into it...
cow and chicken.
DSexters lab.
ed edd nd eddy - forgot about them... funny as hell...

Others ive watched are for the lil kids but they are all are dutch..
(Aug 06, 2015, 19:37 pm)Joker__TPB Wrote: Ed Edd Eddy (lulz)
Courage the Cowardly Dog (lol)
The old Tom and Jerry
Family Guy (some would argue that this show is for some kids)  Agree not for kids
South Park (same thing)
Robot chicken
You two guys hit the nails on the head...

All I would add is Transformers, used to LOVE He-Man, Ren and Stimpy ( Not really for kids, but really Simpson humor isn't either)

(Aug 06, 2015, 20:49 pm)RobertX Wrote: Have you guys explored into educational programmes like Sesame Street, Postman Pat, or Mr. Rogers? Smile

Yes, all but Postman Pat... After my time as I've never heard... Comfy couch is good. another one with bonding memories with my son...

The Buggs bunny roadrunner show  was a cartoon with more violence than you can shake a stick at.

(Aug 17, 2016, 04:26 am)joew771 Wrote: It totally depends on how old the kids are.

It really just depends what you are looking for and the ages of the kids. Unless you are only talking about yourself.

If it's just for you then watch Bugs Bunny or Ren and Stimpy.
Agree!!! Spongebob was cool for a while, then he outgrew and HATED it...  Bugs you can never outgrow IMHO  ALL ABOUT THE age.. .How old are you RobertX???

I surprisingly, don't like superhero cartoons... Spiderman, Batman, Superman,,,,never interested me...

I'm 33, going to 34 on Sept.

Thanks for the reply, LZA.

Superhero cartoons, with the exception of Fox Kids's X-Men and Spiderman, are a hit or a miss. I don't like cartoons where the heroes win all the time.

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