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Is the online piracy community dead?
I would respectfully disagree about the need for secrets.
As a (somewhat errant) disciple of our Lord and Saviour Dickie Stallman, secrecy is the primary tool of the debbil hisself, Billy the Gates (of Hell).

I have found secrecy as nothing but obstructionist. And I'm not even talking about Win here.
Having worked on an Open Source Sourceforge project I found that secrecy reared its ugly face when simply trying to acquire bits and pieces of info about other FOSS projects - that we were not even competing against.

In real life industry I have found secrecy between departments and even co-workers to be debilitating to production.
It is not a good thing.
Information *needs* to be free.
Creators should be publicly funded, WPA style.

As for videos as a source of info: I loathe them.
I dont mind them as tutorials, but if I am looking for info I need to be able to search for the info quickly and efficiently. Videos without transcripts for technical issues are a waste of time.
I even prefer etext to real books, and i have a large collection of vintage books in bindings that i treasure - but rarely read.

The simple truth is that there is only a small percentage of the online community who would even understand the the basics of how to defang the malicious parts of closed source software. And even less who would know how to track down the boogers in actual source code.
(Jul 19, 2021, 14:49 pm)RobertX Wrote: Always the case for every ill88eagle vs. RodneyYouPlonker showdown in Suprbay.

Come for the piracy, stay for the fuckery.

Point in case (if you read my post): We are here for the free grabs- fuckery goes in the void but even that concept seems to fly over the tip of the plonker.

(Jul 19, 2021, 19:13 pm)waregim Wrote: The simple truth is that there is only a small percentage of the online community who would even understand the the basics of how to defang the malicious parts of closed source software. And even less who would know how to track down the boogers in actual source code.

I agree with your entire post except this last part. It seems like backwards logic to me. Black box vs. white box... How is it less likely to know what goes on inside the transparent one? Please explain
With a closed source black box you see nothing, so you kind of know you need some decent forensics to see what the thing is doing. You are on guard.

With open source on a large program there is an inherent sense of trust.
Which can easily be betrayed by remote system calls, and obfuscated ops and namespaces.
I've seen a bunch of that on old PHP scripts.

With transparent open source you see too much. Tens of thousands of lines of code that may not be coded for user maintenance.
if foo:
Can be anything, particularly if bar has been defined in a library file.

As a real life example, in the old days I would simply search for uid0 (or a synonym) to allow me root access - and null it out.
Not so simple these days. Some d!ckheads have decided to obfuscate the instruction 'for my own good'.

Another thing I occasionally do is yank and replace website addresses in code. So cant phone home. Seems harder to do these days.
If you want to defeat Windows spying then just use this tool: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10

It's not hard to do and it works like a charm.  What isn't necessary is a load of conspiracy against platforms like Windows because it achieves nothing.

I must have posted that link about 3 to 4 times now on this forum and yes I would post it again.  For anybody who requires to disable telemetry in Windows then I have answered and resolved the question.  Conspiracy is just more and more talk in regards to the "what if" scenerio.  If I say something on this forum then I mean it and I'm not wasting anybody's time and yes I happen to be one of the biggest uploaders here that gives the most of the whole site so why would I want to make stuff up when I clearly give good advice and solid answers to questions?
Thank you for the link, I have probably downloaded the software as many, if not more times, than you posted it.

Its similar to another software with 'god mode'. Forgot the name.

The problem with these programs is that I *assume* they get some type of certification from Redmond, or they would probably be flagged as a booger.

They are asking the fox for locks to the henhouse. Assuming the fox does not have keys.

I would much rather trust a hacker python script than a korporate proprietary program to protect my desktop from people who think it belongs to *THEM*.

I have seen too damn many examples of software completely ignoring settings. Or resetting them at will. Even in Linux.
The proprietary progems do not have my *trust*.
It only makes sense that any type of real telemetry go a little deeper than registry settings.

I would rather rip out or patch the software responsible.

An example: Opera has a nasty updating process. The solution is to remove the update.exe,
Many other software have similar methods.

As to 'conspiracy'.
Everything that requires secrecy invokes a conspiracy.
Two children holding a secret from a third: Is a conspiracy.

The issues with telemetry can be quite serious for those targeted.
A librarian researching Ezra Pound can be labelled an extremist.
Kali software can be labelled as burglar tools.
The possibilities are endless for the harassment of the public.

You're forgetting one single point.  The point is that if you don't want to use computers you don't have to.  It's not compulsory, it's optional.  Nobody has to do anything if they don't want to and it's all personal choice.  Just because you don't believe in certain apps and platforms doesn't mean that somebody else doesn't.

The best kind of security measure there is which can defeat any single hacker in the world is the easy option it's called the power button or the mains power on the wall.  If you don't like then don't use, some people might like to use a certain app to do whatever that job is but you've always got the option of just switching off and moving somewhere else where you can make certain lifestyle changes.  We all have different opinion and yes some of us make mistakes but that's what makes us all different we do different things and make different lifestyle choices.

There's no "set in stone" method for anything.  You might like certain things and ways of doing things where I on the other hand prefer to do things my own way.  Doesn't mean either is right or wrong it's just freedom of character.

I can certainly say that many people, we're talking into the millions here, have used and tested that app and they all liked it and learned from the person who first spoke about it on social media.  If those people all liked it and found it to be useful then surely there is majority there to gain popularity and perhaps if people find that it does the job as intended then these people are happy they have indulged into its usage.

You don't agree well fair enough, the next person might and so on...  I personally find I like Windows 10 and I personally feel it's a very good platform for me and I'm currently happy using it and have no issues with telemetry.  The thing works the way I want, I usually just ignore conspiracy because you always have those people giving it the "what if" it's just common practise online like let's all ram the fear of god into people's minds, let's all hate on the MS.  It's hard sometimes to distinguish those who just want to trigger a reaction and those who are genuine happy customers or users.

At the end of the day mate, make your own choice and let others do theirs too.  Don't go around trying to spread fear or panic into people's minds just let them do their own thing and leave it be.
OP hasn't been around since he started this thread, and the rest of you clowns have completely derailed it.

OP, if you ever return, feel free to restart the thread. If OP does, the rest of you try to stay on topic.

thread closed.

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