[IN DEVELOPMENT] RBTUploader (All-In-One Torrent Uploader)
4. PHD (In-Dev)
6. 1337x (In-Dev)
7. Any Others You Guys Want??

Well, do any of you remember that angel 'DTU' by Yify? (Distributed Torrent Uploader)

Well, the other day I found myself the only version I could (Alpha4) and de-compiled the source into a C# Project.

[Image: t3ld7MF.png]

As I'm a semi-expert in the C# range of programming, and I /really/ hate having to upload so many torrents to the three sites I do (KAT, TPB, ST) I felt that need to create my own application. I'm naming it 'RBTUploader' for that specific reason.

I'm going to be taking snippets of DTU's source and use it to speed up the process of programming. If and when I do get this project completed, expect to see it on KAT somewhere.

Yify sent me an email. This just made my day. <3
[Image: 4XeVxgP.png]

So far, the /only/ features I've had time to program is an updating script (which connects to my website, and looks at the 'update.xml' file in the root folder. If you know C#, and if you know to use XML with C#, then you understand how easy it is. I love XML. <3

Anyway, I hope to get this done within a month. Depends on how much other work I have.

Happy torrenting!

Sorry bout weird theme, it's my alienware and I don't feel like changing it.

[Image: fTtwVex.png]

Oh, forgot, if there are any specific features you want, don't be afraid to ask. I would love to make it as user-optimized as possible Smile has:
- Ability to save Userhash with encryption
- Different looks
- More code haha
- Update button disabling when first pressing it, enables after update check over.
- Other stuff I forgot. has:
- TPB Support (untested?)
- I was experimenting with Bayimg, almost got it. Will try tomorrow. has
- Image Uploading to ImageShack (My API key for this application is used, automatically copies image url with IMG BB tag around it into description box, first line)
- Layout Change
- Log Changes has
- Image Uploading hash choice (so you can enter your own hash if desired)
- New buttons to add bbcode tags quickly (will make them look better later)
- Completely changed how logbox works. Much better now.
- ET (ExtraTorrent) upload support (requires trusted)
- ImageShack URL updated from 'imageshack.us' to 'imageshack.com' to support new ImageShack. has
- SilverTorrent support (does not save pass encoded yet, sorry. Will fix tonight)

Nice job, but unfortunately people won't use this as it's dealing with sensitive information.
(Feb 15, 2014, 08:05 am)Qarizma Wrote: Nice job, but unfortunately people won't use this as it's dealing with sensitive information.

I think you need to be logged in to the site before using it.
thank you so much
>> The application does not communicates with anyone than target Torrent's site.
>> The user credentials aren't sent not where (resides Local at the end-user equipment) "Test this app for TPC/UDP etc." and will have an d Idea what I'm talking about ti.
>> The application does send data as the same way it does when you open a web-browser by HTTP request, which does stream and buffer out the data out ... just than doing from a browser : you are using a windows-run-time application with a multi-sites-torrents uploader.
Nope, the app (as my precious comment) does not need to, it does validate the user with given credentials (note that it does has the ability to safe session on cookies)
Thanks mate, Good job, I'll also place a comment at kat's thread for this app Smile

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