"I got a Message from my ISP what do I do?" informaion
So this isn't a request for help thread more of the fact that I see this posted almost every month by someone and I'm hoping the mods will make this a sticky thread so it doesn't keep popping up when the answer is almost  always the same.

now lets get down to it shall we....

Quote:Dear ____

    we have recived a notice that your IP has been used to commit some form of illegal action. We would like to let you know that ____ sent a message to our office stating that your IP was the issue for this message and we forward this message on there be half.

You will get something similar to that either via Email, mail, or a onscreen warning.

So what do you do?
  • Simple Ignore it
  • Stop any torrents that are currently either seeding or downloading
  • Lay low for at least 1 month
  • Get a VPN or some form of proxy IP service
Ok I did that now what?

Don't just download the latest movie when it hits the web wait at least 1 month to a year if you don't want to have a higher chance of getting caught if you plan on getting it right now with out some VPN

I don't have the cash for a VPN

Then WAIT the torrent isn't going anywhere sure it may be deleted if its on some site but Not The pirate bay unless its infected with malware or some other infraction it will stay unless its a dead torrent that no one is seeding
Also Just cause its first torrent of that movie doesn't mean its good quality. generally speaking about 1 week to 3 months after the release an ok to high quality cam recording will have been released.

Anything else I should know?

.... I should hit you but its not a stupid question.
  • Just cause you use a VPN doesn't mean your immune
  • Don't just constantly download everything you want
  • Read the description of what you are downloading
  • Use your Head and some common sense ( trolls will always keep a eye on every thing that is just been released)
  • Seed at least 2 copies if possible
  • Never store your Torrent files on your system use a flash based storage for it (a 64 GB flash drive that's been formatted to work as flash memory will work so you can transfer your file to a external and not have to worry about it being on your system.)
  • Wait and Cover your tracks
if anyone else has something useful to add here fill free other wise keep the BS out of the thread.
Doking, what do you mean by torrents "not going anywhere?"

It's not a troll question, I'm just confused.
NP rob
The torrents that are on The pirate bay aren't removed unless someone reports them as fake, dead, or infected with malware of some kind. generaly speaking most torrents will still have seeders for a few years.

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