How do I rip content from my library?
I'm aware many of you have a great deal of experience in daz/poser and was wondering if there is an easy way to rip products back out of the library.  I grabbed Content Package Assist and that seems ideal for creating DIM packages and is easy to use but it seems that a program called Content Gatherer is one that actually applies to me.  Is there a pirated or freeware equivalent?

  Anyway, I'd like to at least upload a copy of the main base models (Victoria7, The Girl7, Bethany7, George etc), sets and clothing to mega in an easily downloadable chunk so it's that much easier to start from scratch.  Damned near all of my content is pirated and that could easily be sussed out by my lack of basic knowledge. Who legitimately spends probably 10,000 on software assets they don't need, know how to use properly and are unable to easily queue up in the DIM installer?  I'd rather not ask too many questions on the official forum.

  With Daz3dfree down I figure it's as good of a time to ask this as any other. That was such a convenient site. 

*edit. Found a copy of Content Gatherer and will play with that for a while. I'd delete the thread but don't know how Smile

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