How Can I Make My Own Characters?
I'm very new to this program, btw.

I mean, let's say I get a genesis 3 female, how can I make my own characther's face change, make my own hair for her without presets, how can I make my own items/make my own appartment without downloading stuff? I mean, how can you even make that shit? Is all of this even possible? Is Daz3D working with presets basically or what?

Don't want to come off aggressive, just confused on how to make my own "environments" and make the characther bodies/faces look the way I want them to (and make my own clothes for them), Cause right now It feels like I'm working with only presets.

Can someone clear this up for me?

If you want to make anything of your own. you will need to learn a modeling program 3dsmax, blender, ZBrush etc... These can also be used to make morphs. Learning photoshop will also help for making custom textures.
above reply is what u need to do.

but i would suggest you watch some videos about daz3d and its sliders, that is posing and resizing various body parts.
after that best is(according to me) learn to import SKETCH UP models and play with it. it is one of the simplest possible way to create your own stuffs and use it.
jumping right into zbrush or 3ds is very complicated for newbie

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